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Ada Technology Insertion
Program-Partnership (ATIP-P)

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Increasing the Commercialization & Availability of Ada 95 Products

Partnerships between the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE) and 10 private sector companies has been formed to increase the commercialization and availability of Ada 95 products - the only internationally standardized, object-oriented programming language.

Spearheaded by DOE's Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), the partnerships are part of a broad effort mounted by the Defense Information Systems Agency's Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO). The partnerships are formed to stimulate utilization of Ada 95 within the government, academic, industrial, and research communities.


Contract Awards - 10 Companies

ATIP-P contracts have been awarded to 10 private sector companies. This completes the AJPO's competitive initiative to partner with proposing organizations to equally share (50/50) in the funding and commercialization of Ada 95 products. Products develop through the partnerships will be available during 1996 and will plug many technology gaps to successfully implement Ada 95 and increase the tools available to support Ada 95 such as bindings, compilers, development libraries, visual work space and computer-based training tools.

The 10 private sector companies and the areas their tools will address are:

  • Stony Brook Software of Thousand Oaks, CA
    Provide a Fast/Optimized Compiler and GUI development environment.
  • R.R. Software, Inc., of Madison, WI
    Provide object oriented bindings to the Win 32 development environment.
  • NOETIC Software, Inc., of Willow Grove, PA
    Provide bindings to the standard data interface bus MIL-STD-1553B and the designated commercial standard.
  • McKee Consulting of Littleton, CO
    Provide an Ada 95 development environment for the Apple Macintosh.
  • DDC-I of Phoenix, AZ
    Provide Ada 95 software test tools based on the established ASIS 95 standard.
  • Objective Interface Systems, Inc., of Reston, VA
    Distributed processing and client/server interfaces using the CORBA standard.
  • Ada Software, Inc. of Laurel, MD
    Provide Internet accessible Ada 95 training.
  • OC Systems, Inc., of Fairfax, VA
    Provide a visual programming environment and object libraries.
  • Intermetrics, Inc., of Cambridge, MA
    Enter Ada 95 into the expanding needs of the World Wide Web and "Applet" generation by providing an Ada 95 to Java J-code compiler.
  • WPL Laboratories, Inc., of Haverford, PA
    position Ada 95 to share in the rapid World Wide Web growth with Web-based Ada components.

The Partnership

The partnerships were formed after a request was published calling for proposals to support the program. The published solicitation called for proposals for the AJPO-sponsored Ada Technology Insertion Program-Partnership (ATIP-P). Through the Program, the AJPO plans to expand and strengthen the commercial supplier base of Ada 95 products, exploiting its features to provide open system solutions in software environments for both government and commercial applications.

Approximately $2 million in funding has been provided to fund the partnerships. The government will recoup its investment through either free licenses or reduced licenses fees for a specific period of time. More information will be released soon on access to the products by DoD program managers.

This partnership program is modeled after the Advanced Technology Program partnerships pioneered by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the National Institute for Standards and Technologies. These original partnerships encouraged joint ventures between government and software firms in the commercial sector.


Obtaining More Information

Further information regarding the ATIP-P program can be obtained from the INEL program manager, Doug Colonel, at (208) 526-0204, fax (208) 562-8086, or e-mail: col@inel.gov.

Also the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) will make available additional information on the details of each contract award. The AdaIC can be contacted through its World Wide Web connection at http://sw-eng.falls-church.va.us or by calling 1-800-AdaIC-11 (232-4211) or 703-681-2466.


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