AdaIC News Winter 1995

Spotlight on Education:

Low-Cost Ada 9X Compiler and Textbook to be Available to Academia

The environment is based on an integrated graphical user interface.

Members of the Ada community have repeatedly voiced the need for Ada compilers to be available to students at as low a price as possible. This concern has resulted in compiler vendors offering educational discounts, and it prompted the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) to sponsor a competitive contact for the development of an Ada 9X compiler/textbook package for educators.

The Academic Ada Environment contract has been awarded to Intermetrics, Inc. Under the contract, Intermetrics will build a student-friendly Ada 9X programming environment based on its "AdaMagic" product line.

The environment will be available for Intel and PowerPC computers in late 1995. For academic use, it will be packaged with a computer-science textbook, written by Richard Pattis and published by Prentice-Hall.

The contract is intended to ensure that high-quality Ada 9X environments are available to educational institutions and students at a price that is competitive with high-quality, name-brand environments for other languages. Also, the government will receive a supply of the product for use in the military academies.

To meet educational needs, the environment is based on an integrated graphical user interface, with a self-initializing, error-correcting, "Do What I Mean" user interface. The intent is to let students concentrate on the concepts of computer science and not get hung up on syntax, library management, or complex tools. Beneath the surface, the environment also provides configuration management, compilation minimization, machine-level debugging, and other functions needed in a full-scale professional environment.

Intermetrics has established a board of advisors to ensure that the environment meets the need of computer science and engineering students. The board includes educators from Harvard, Yale, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie-Mellon University, and the University of Massachusetts.

For more information, contact:

Chris Anderson
Ada 9X Project Manager
3550 Aberdeen Avenue, S.E.
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5776
505/846-0817; fax: 505/846-6053

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