AdaIC News Winter 1995

Spotlight on Education:

CREASE Shows Steady Growth in Ada Education & Training Opportunities

In less than three years, the number of available Ada courses taught in universities has grown by 47%, and the number of institutions offering Ada training has grown by 43% according to the January 1995 Catalog of Resources for Education in Ada and Software Engineering (CREASE), Ver 7.0., just released by the AdaIC.

For this year's CREASE report, the AdaIC surveyed commercial trainers, military academies, and all colleges and universities that have computer-science curricula. The CREASE provides detailed information about the courses these institutions offer as well as on Ada books and videotapes, computer aided instruction, and other free educational resources.

Tell us about more opportunities

If you know of other Ada educational resources, please let us know. While we only publish the CREASE report every few years, we update our education database continually to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information on all Ada educational offerings.

For your copy

To obtain a paper copy of the CREASE, contact the AdaIC at 1-800/232-4211. Electronic copies (PostScript and ASCII) are available for downloading from our host on the Internet. The CREASE on the host can also be searched via WAIS.
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