AdaIC News Winter 1995

Spotlight on Education:

Ada 9X Technology Insertion on Campus: Awards Made for Curriculum Development

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has announced that 14 grants have been awarded to colleges and universities under its recent Broad Area Announcement (BAA) for Curriculum Development in Software and Information Engineering.

The purpose of these grants is to stimulate the development of curriculum, courses, and teaching tools for use in introducing Ada and Ada 9X into the classroom, especially in business, computer science, and engineering schools. Those receiving awards include:

Brandeis University
Development of a new course: Software Engineering with Ada 9X
California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo
The Software Engineering Apprentice: A New Laboratory Approach to Ada Instruction
Clemson University
Integrating Object-Oriented Concepts into Undergraduate Curriculum Using Ada
Florida International University
Data Structures with Ada 9X
Montana State University
Ada in a Five Course, Breadth-First, Introductory Computer Science Curriculum
Santa Clara University
Data Structures with Ada 9X
State University of New York at Binghamton
Teaching Formal Methods Using Ada and Related Analysis and Synthesis Tools
University of Alabama
Ada Curriculum Development Workshops
University of Illinois at Chicago
Software Engineering Course Sequence for Distributed and Real-Time Systems
University of Maryland
An Advanced Course Sequence Based on Ada
University of Scranton
Ada 9X Resources to Support and Improve a Breadth-First Approach to CS2
Virginia State University
An Alternative to COBOL in an Introductory Course Within the School of Business Curriculum
York College
Design and Implementation of a Software Engineering Course Sequence for Undergraduate Computer Majors
These grants supplement the approximately 40 contracts awarded last year for similar purposes.

DISA expects to issue another BAA for Ada educational grants in April/May of next year. Those interested in receiving the announcement and a brochure detailing the program should write to:

LT L. Michelle Smith
Ada Joint Program Office
Center for Software
5600 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204

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