AdaIC News Winter 1996-1997

Ada 95 at Work

In this issue, we’re listing some of the Ada 95 projects recently added to the Ada Usage Database. If you’d like to submit information on your own project, see the survey form on pages 15-16. If you’d like to check out more such projects, they’re searchable on-line on the AdaIC Web site:

Acumentor/Orbix Ada
Includes all functionality presented in the CORBA 2.0 specifications; supports numerous extensions. [PC: Commercial]

Ada 95 Bindings for Global Command and Control System (GCCS)
Combining ProtoTech and STARS technology to provide a set of Ada 95 bindings for the GCCS common core services (about 9000 functions in 1000 header files).

Ada 95 GUI Binding and Tools for Windows 95 (Claws)
Specifically designed for Ada 95 and Win32; will not be tied to the underlying C API routines. A Windows 95 visual applications builder for the Ada 95 programming language. [PC: Commercial]

Ada 95/POSIX Avionics Open Systems Demonstration Program (OSAT) JSF AV-8B
Avionics flight test demonstration, technology risk reduction program for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF, formerly JAST). Calculates weapon release ballistics and related cockpit display information. [Workstation/AV-8B (Harrier) Mission Computer: DoD]

GRASP/Ada 95
Research project to investigate, formulate, and generate “Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures, and Processes for Ada”. Has potential to replace pretty-printed Ada source code. [Workstation: Non-DoD Gov’t]

MIL-STD-1553B Bindings for Ada 95
Bindings for the standard on multiplex serial data bus applications are offered as thick and thin. [DoD]

Ada 95 and Trustworthy Systems
Study to produce a document advising how to use Ada 95 for the development of critical applications. [Canadian]

Ada Binding for ODMG-93
Approach allows Ada programmers to use a single language to access object-oriented database functionality regardless of vendor. [Workstation: Air Force]

Ada Computer-Aided Programming System (AdaCAPS)
Interactive development environment (IDE) that works with GNAT (GNU-NYU Ada 95 Translator) under DOS. [PC: Academic]

GNAT Ada 95 Graphics Package (GNA95GP)
2D graphics package/instructional tool; when fully implemented, also to be graphics programming tool. [PC: Academic]

Tasking runtime system of the GNU NYU Ada 95 Translator (GNAT) compiler. [Workstation: Academic]cont’d from previous page

Ada Sound: Structured Music Synthesis System in Ada 95
Proposed to develop new music synthesis system to remedy deficiencies with using outdated computer music languages, and to exploit parallel computers. [PC: Academic]

Ada Upgrade for VisualAge
Enables users to develop software applications by visually connecting software “parts” written in Ada 95 and C++. Users able to add new Ada 95 parts to the VisualAge palette. [Workstation/PC: Commercial]

AdaIDE for GNAT Ada 95
Windows-3.1-based interface program for GNAT Ada 95 program development; multi-document interface (MDI) program based on the Microsoft example in Visual BASIC 3.0. [PC: Academic]

Canadian Space Agency RadarSat Remote Sensing Satellite Payload Computer Unit
Will control payload subsystems, store information, and download it to the ground station in sync with the satellite’s orbits. [Canadian]

Computer Aided Instruction
Includes advanced CBT features; integrated with the resident Ada environment; to provide Ada 95 training over Internet. [Commercial/ATIP-P]

DACS/ASIS-95 and Test Coverage Tools
1) Implementation of the Ada 95 Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS 95) for the DDC-I Ada 95 Compiler System (DACS-95) front end. 2) Ada 95 test coverage environment based on ASIS 95. [Commercial]

Java class Decompiler written in Ada 95. Version 1.0 provides similar output as javap program in Sun JDK distribution; future versions to allow translation to other languages. Ada 95 translation under development. For GNAT. [Commercial]

FIRM: An Ada Binding to ODMG-93 1.2
Functionality Integrated Resource Manager (FIRM), an ODBMS to support real-time avionics applications. [Air Force]

Foggy Bottom Transit Authority (FoBTA)
Computer-controlled HO-scale model of an urban rapid transportation system. [Workstation or PC: Academic]

Little Boxes: An Ada 95 Toolkit for Structured Diagrams
Proposed to design and implement a library of reusable Ada modules that would provide much of the infrastructure for programs that incorporate structured diagrams. [Academic]

Mapping HRT-HOOD Designs to Ada 95 Hierarchical Libraries
Uses subroutine renaming feature and child library feature of Ada 95 to improve the mapping/translations of designs into Ada. [European]

Mutants: An Ada 95 Generic Toolkit for Genetic Algorithms
Proposed to develop a library of components to simplify the construction of systems that use “genetic” methods of problem solving. [Academic]

NMR Spectrometer Control Software
Redesign of software to control a nuclear magnetic resistance spectrometer. [Workstation: Commercial]

OLE Automation Controller in Ada 95
For Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) toolset for Microsoft WindowsNT/95 developer. Implemented an OLE automation controller that accessed an OLE server that provided access to CORBA objects. [PC: Air Force]

Object-Oriented Ada 95 Library
Tool to support teaching software engineering, software reuse, other Ada-related courses. [PC: Academic]

Project Armada 1995
Projects for last year students at Uppsala University: extend GNAT’s gnatdist to include all categorization pragmas and load balancing; enhance existing communication subsystem GARLIC; implement a distributed simulator. [Academic]

SemWeb — Semantic Webs
Provides browser and editor to support modeling and creation of Web sites; also provides Ada class libraries that define API for dynamically creating files in HTML, etc. [PC: Commercial]

Simulations of Tuberculosis Control Programs
Implements the simulations. [Commercial]

Stony Brook Ada 95
Ada 95 development system for DOS, 32-bit DOS extended, Win16, and Win32 applications development. [PC: Commercial]

Thor Ada 95 Microprocessor
Developing embedded computing system for Swedish Odin satellite to handle onboard attitude-control functions in space. Space-tested, first 32-bit microprocessor in space using Ada. [Swedish] Ø