AdaIC News Winter 1996-1997

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| "Top 5%" | “Discovering Ada” CD-ROM |
| Trade group considering candidate bindings for Ada Common Environment |
| ASEET Symposium issues call for papers | Ada-Europe ’97 |
| Ada and Reuse News Briefs combined and expanded |
| New and improved Ada jobs page on-line |

Top 5%

The Software Engineering World Wide Web site, home page for both the Ada and Reuse Information Clearinghouses, has been judged among the “Top 5% of the Web” by the Point Web Reviews (part of the Lycos company’s search activities on the Web). Sites are chosen based upon their content, presentation, and experience.

“Discovering Ada” — Enhanced CD-ROM now available at no charge to Services, academia

The “Discovering Ada” CD-ROM, Version 2.0, is now available. “Discovering Ada” is an interactive, multimedia Ada 95 tutorial, produced by Intermetrics, Inc. It is intended to help Ada 83 and non-Ada programmers familiarize themselves with Ada 95. For Version 2.0, Intermetrics has corrected bugs reported in Version 1.0, added a tutorial on Web Applets in Ada 95 and syntax reference diagrams, and included the Ada 95 Rationale.

The Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) has a number of copies of Version 2.0 available for free distribution to the Service Academies, to other colleges and universities, and to program managers; distribution is via the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC). Interested parties should contact the AdaIC by phone at 1-800-AdaIC-11 (232-4211), or via e-mail at

Version 2.0 was made available commercially in December through Intermetrics. For more information on commercial distribution, contact Paige Conrad, Intermetrics, Inc., 617/661-1840,

Trade group considering candidate bindings for Ada Common Environment

The Ada Common Environment Working Group of the Ada Resource Association (ARA) is currently reviewing candidates for adoption as “Ada Common Environment Bindings”. In October, the trade group sought nominations for the X Window System (X11), Microsoft Win32, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). In November, the group started an 8-week period with the goal of selecting suitable candidates. One binding from each area will be designated as “ARA Common” and will be recognized by member companies of the Ada Common Environment Working Group.

The call for participation noted that nominated bindings must be existing implementations — “freely distributable, though not necessarily in the public domain. Bindings that do not rely heavily on vendor-specific language features are a plus.”

[Steven W. North, Secretary, ACE WG, c/o OC Systems, Inc., 9990 Lee Highway, Suite 270, Fairfax, VA 22030-1720; e-mail:]

ASEET Symposium issues call for papers

The 11th Annual Symposium of the DoD’s Ada Software Engineering Education and Training (ASEET) Team will be held at Monmouth Univ., Monmouth, N.J., 10-13 June 1997. The theme is “The Ada95 Tool Chest for the Year 2000”; the deadline for abstracts (2-4 pages) is 15 Mar. 1997.

[Major David Cook, AFIT/LSS, 2950 P Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7765; Tel: 937/252-0503, x4204; Fax: 937/656-4550; DSN 785-; e-mail: After 1 Mar., further information at ASEET Web site:]

Ada-Europe ’97 — International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

The 1997 Ada-Europe Conference will be held June 2-6, 1997 in London’s Tower Hotel. It aims to bring together users and vendors of software engineering tools, and those who research and teach related techniques, to discuss and exchange new developments and to share good practice. Participation in the Conference is invited from all those in the software-engineering community — users, vendors, educators and researchers. Find the call for papers and additional information at:

[Ada-Europe Conference Administrator: Helen Byard, c/o Ada UK, P.O. Box 322, York YO1 3GY, UK-England; tel: +44 1904 412740; fax: +44 1904 426702; e-mail: Conference Chairman: Bill Taylor, e-mail: For further information, send e-mail to:]

Ada and Reuse News Briefs combined and expanded

The bi-weekly news services for Ada News and Reuse News have been combined, and the news service’s scope has been expanded. News briefs now provide information on the following Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) initiatives: Ada, software reuse, I-CASE, DII, COE. News summaries will be issued weekly.

[Ada Information Clearinghouse, Reuse Information Clearinghouse; e-mail:]

New and improved Ada jobs page on-line

The Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) has unveiled its new and improved Ada Jobs Web page. The page is located on the AdaIC Web site at The new page saves time and effort by allowing readers to post their own Ada jobs listings, instead of first having to submit the information to the AdaIC. By posting a listing and then clicking the “reload” button, readers can view their messages immediately.

In addition to current Ada employment opportunities, postings can include links to recruiters’ pages, images, and articles related to the Ada job market. [For further information, contact the AdaIC at 1-800/AdaIC-11 (232-4211).]