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Updates for Educators:
Conferences, Free Courseware, New Books

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| New Ada 95 courseware available | New books available |

It’s summer, when school’s out – except for teachers!

For those who are teaching Ada, the Ada community can provide access to a remarkable range of resources – from conferences to source-code libraries to texts and documents to Internet newsgroups and Web sites.

11th Annual Ada ASEET Symposium

For the past 11 years, one place for educators to come together has been the Annual Symposium of the Ada Software Engineering Education & Training (ASEET) Team. While part of the Department of Defense (DOD), the ASEET Team’s membership and conferences are open to Ada professionals at all levels.

This year’s conference will be held June 10-13 at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, N.J. The theme is “The Ada 95 Tool Chest for the year 2000”.

Tutorials on June 10-11 will cover topics from an introduction to Ada, to real-time programming and object-oriented programming, to “Software Engineering: Standards, Principles, Practices, Procedures, and Ethics”; there will be hands-on labs, as well.

Presentations on June 12-13 will feature a welcome address by Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) Chief, LTC Drew Hamilton. The papers and presentations will include coverage of Ada resources and Ada in critical systems; there will also be vendor presentations. For additional information contact Eugene Bingue, e-mail:

High School Education Workshops

For the second year, the ASEET Team is carrying Ada to high-school teachers. The Second Annual Ada 95 For High School Educators Workshop will be held July 7-11, and an Ada 95 Advanced Workshop will be held July 14-16 – both sponsored by the ASEET Team and by Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Conn.

The five-day Educators Workshop will focus on the integration of Ada and software-engineering philosophy into a high-school curriculum. Some programming experience is preferred, but not required. Ada compilers and textbooks will be available for educators.

The three-day Advanced Workshop will include an introductory tutorial, along with coverage of object-oriented programming, and a discussion of the real-time features of Ada. For additional information on the workshops, contact: Prof. Sandra Honda, 203/371-7799, e-mail:; David A. Cook, e-mail:; Les Dupaix, e-mail:; or Eugene Bingue, e-mail:

New Ada 95 courseware available

Since 1992, the DOD has supported efforts to encourage development of courses in Ada and software engineering. Products produced by these efforts are being made available via the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) Web site.

The latest Ada courseware to be made available includes:

“Software Engineering and Object-Oriented Development with Ada 95” – developed by Dr. Benjamin Brosgol and Jaques Cohen of Brandeis University. This is a course intended for intermediate to advanced students covering the topics of software-engineering principles, object orientation, and programming with concurrency. Course topics are illustrated with Ada 95.

“From Pascal to Ada 95: An Introduction By Examples” – by Dr. T.C. Wu of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at York College/CUNY. This is a two-course sequence in Ada and Software Engineering for Information Systems Management majors.

“Software Development Using GNAT Ada 95” – also by Dr. Wu of York College/CUNY. This is the second part of a two-course sequence in Ada and Software Engineering for Information Systems Management majors. This courseware allows the user to fully appreciate the unique power, richness, consistency, and flexibility of Ada 95.

All courseware is available from

New books available

McGraw Hill has announced the availability of Object-Oriented Methods for Software Development by Jag Sodhi and Prince Sodhi; 352 pp., ISBN 0-07-059574-7. This book features Ada 95 in discussions regarding the bringing of OO analysis/design issues up to the advanced level of support languages. The book also helps users improve reusability percentages and enhance project management. For further information, contact: McGraw-Hill; 800/722-4726, 800/842-3075.

Framing Software Reuse: Lessons from the Real World, by Paul G. Bassett, is now available from Prentice Hall ($42/365 pp.).

In the first chapter, Bassett writes that the time for software reuse has come, and defends the point with findings from his extensive study. In conjunction with Q&M Associates Inc., of Pittsfield, Mass., Bassett presents data from a study of nine organizations, including Ameritech Corp., Chemical Bank (now Chase) and Union Gas. The findings: Reuse reduced participants’ time-to-market to 70% below the industry average; project cost also was reduced to 84% below industry average. Bassett also dedicates chapters on management questions such as the issue of transition to a reuse culture. For further information, contact: Prentice Hall, 800/643-5506; WWW: (Also reviewed by Erin Callaway in PC Week, Nov. 4, 1996.)

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