AdaIC News Fall 1997

Tri-Ada '97 to Emphasize Ada Diversity,
Present Expert Speakers

The 12th Annual Tri-Ada Conference will be held November 9-13, 1997 at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Saint Louis, Mo. Hosted by the Association of Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Ada (ACM SIGAda), Tri-Ada is a major forum for bringing together professionals in the fields of software engineering, object technology, software quality, reuse, testing, education and training, and acquisition. The theme for this year's conference is "Cost-Effective, Quality Software Systems: Preparing for the Next Century".

Tri-Ada '97 will be a week of technical papers, keynote presentations, experience reports, workshops, interactive panels, exhibits, posters, demonstrations, educational symposia, birds-of-a-feather sessions, along with an exceptional tutorial program and opportunities to mingle. This year's conference will emphasize the diversity of Ada applications and support throughout government, industry, and academic domains, nationally and internationally.

A wide range of panels and tutorials are scheduled for Tri-Ada '97. Among the panels will be future directions for Ada bindings and related standards; AdaSAGE and software reuse; Ada and Java; and the future of programming languages in the next century. Tutorials range from CORBA, to Java for Ada 95 programmers, to Ada 95 object-oriented programming guidelines, among others.

Tri-Ada '97 will also present some of the leading experts in software engineering. Scheduled speakers include former Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I, Emmett Paige, Jr.; John B. Goodenough, Chief Technical Officer of the Software Engineering Institute; Edward F. Miller of Software Research, Inc.; and two former AJPO Chiefs, LTC John A. Hamilton and Charles B. Engle.

In addition to their tradition of refereed papers, panel sessions, and excellent tutorials, Tri-Ada '97 is seeking to expand conference activities to include tracks for government attendees, and sessions for the less experienced programmers.

Once again, Tri-Ada will serve as the largest Ada exhibition in the world. Over 100 companies will be demonstrating their latest tools and compilers for Ada 95. At Tri-Ada '96 in Philadelphia, over 600 attendees attended technical sessions, visited exhibits, and exchanged idea with other Ada professionals from around the world.

For most up to date information about Tri-Ada '97, visit the Tri-Ada '97 Web site at or call 1-800/338-5365.

WAdaS '97 Plans for Future

The 14th Annual Washington Ada Symposium (WAdaS '97) was held June 23-26 at the McLean Hilton in McLean, Va. The conference, sponsored by the Washington, D.C. chapter of SIGAda, was highlighted by speeches by LTC John A. Hamilton, Jr., USA, Chief of the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO); former AJPO Chief Dr. Charles B. Engle; Ada 95 designer S. Tucker Taft; and GNU Ada 95 Translator (GNAT) expert Robert Dewar.

WAdaS '97 provided two days of tutorials and workshops followed by the two-day conference. In addition, ACM SIGAda held their day long Long-Range Planning Meeting in conjunction with the conference.

The final two days of WAdaS were devoted to speeches and conference sessions. LTC Hamilton's keynote address provided the audience with an up-to-the-minute status on Ada and the future of the AJPO. Dr. Engle's speech gave attendees a view from the outside on Ada and the Ada community. Mr. Taft discussed the business and technical case for building critical systems in Ada 95; and Dr. Dewar gave his views on the Ada compiler industry and the future of Ada.

In addition to the daily speeches, sessions were held on the following topics: Ada 95 Early Adopters, Ada 95 and Java, Ada and Education, ASIS, Ada Common Environment, and Ada 95 and Distributed Systems.

Also held during the conference portion of WAdaS was a mini-exhibition. Several Ada vendors set up exhibit booths and displayed their latest products. This year's exhibitors included the AdaIC, SIGAda, Rational Software, Inc., AAI Corporation, Ada Core Technologies, Objective Interface Systems, Green Hills Software, OC Systems, Mark V Systems, Aonix, DDC-I, Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company, and NASA Goddard Flight Dynamics Division.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the proceedings from WAdaS '97, contact the Ada Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-232-4211 or e-mail to:

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