AdaIC News Fall 1997

AdaIC News to go electronic-only

This, the Fall issue, is the next-to-the-last issue of the {AdaIC News} that will be published and mailed to subscribers in hardcopy form. Beginning in 1998, the {AdaIC News} will be available only on the Internet and World Wide Web, with summaries available through electronic mail.

Ways to get electronic copies

On the Web: The current and past issues of the newsletter are available on the Ada Information Clearinghouse's Web site at

Via e-mail: The AdaIC is establishing a separate e-mail list for those wishing to receive a summary of the AdaIC automatically each quarter. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to

with subscribe adaicnews your name as the body of the text. (No signatures please.)

Dial-up: For those with a modem but not Internet or Web access, the AdaIC Web site can also be reached by direct dial-up. The telephone number is 703/681-2845. Contact the AdaIC for access instructions.

This is the last hardcopy for international readers

This issue will be the last hardcopy version mailed to readers outside the United States. The upcoming (Winter 1997-1998) issue will be the last one sent to U.S. readers, and is scheduled to be mailed around the turn of the year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the AdaIC.

Ada Information Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 1866
Falls Church, VA 22041
tel: 703/681-2466; 800/232-4211
fax: 703/681-2869

AJPO Summer Intern

The Ada Joint Program Office welcomed a summer intern, Cadet Stephen Hamilton, a Computer Science major from the U.S. Military Academy. While at the AJPO, he significantly increased the AJPO's multimedia technical presentation capabilities.

He also increased the AJPO's understanding of the impact of supporting the teaching of Ada at West Point. Cadet Hamilton, like all cadets at West Point and the Air Force Academy, has received AJPO-supported Ada instruction. He is a strong supporter of Ada -- and his own performance shows its benefits.

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