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70 Organizations Offering 100 Tools

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Searching for an Ada binding? Or perhaps an Ada 95 development environment that will run under Windows 95? The Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) Products and Tools database is a good place to begin your search. The AdaIC has maintained an on-line catalog of Ada products and tools on the AdaIC Internet site for several years. This database can be accessed through the World Wide Web at

80% more than last year

There are currently over 100 tools, compilers, and bindings listed for Ada 95 in the AdaIC's Products and Tools database. This represents an 80% increase over the past year, providing further evidence of the growth of the Ada 95 market. These tools were developed by over 70 companies, organizations, and universities located in the United States and abroad.

Items listed in the database include products and tools used throughout a typical Ada development lifecycle. They are grouped in three main categories: implementation tools -- which include development environments, metric analyzers, bindings, and code translators; analysis and design tools -- which include database modeling, design analysis, and requirement tracing; and maintenance-support tools -- which include configuration-management and maintenance-analysis tools.

You can conduct a specialized search for the various products and tools through any of these categories. A search can also be conducted by vendor name or product name. In addition, the database entries will link you to vendor Web sites and to more detailed product descriptions when available.

Categories available

Table 1 provides a breakdown by category of the number of products and tools currently listed in the AdaIC's Products and Tools Database.

As you can see from the Table, the database lists a large number of development environments (which include editor, debuggers, compilers); bindings and repositories are also well represented. Many tools have more than one application since developers have created products that include several tools in one package.

Several of the tools listed in the database can be downloaded through the AdaIC. Among these tools are Ada 95 bindings for POSIX, OS/2 API, DCE, and Win32, and development-environment tools such as the Ada Compiler Evaluation System (ACES) and WebAda.

Need more?

If you are searching for a particular product or tool and you cannot locate it in the AdaIC's Products and Tools database, please contact the AdaIC and we will try to find out if it exists in the marketplace or if one is under development.

You can list your company's product or tool in the AdaIC's Products and Tools database by filling out a submission form -- found on the AdaIC Web site at or send e-mail detailing the product along with your company's point-of-contact, phone number, fax, e-mail, and address to:

Table 1

What kind of tools are available?

Tool Category # of Ada 95 tools
Development environments 43
Bindings 28
Interface/graphics/animation builders 14
Source-code translators 13
Libraries/repositories 11
Metric-analyzer tools 7
Documentation generators 7
Design-analysis tools 7
Cross-compilation/development tools 7
Reverse-engineering tools 6
Project-management tools 4
Simulation testing tools 3
Data-conversion/file-translation tools 1
DBMS tools 1

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