AdaIC News Winter 1996

DISA Makes Awards in Ada
Curriculum-Development Effort

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) recently announced 12 new awards in its program to support development of undergraduate and graduate courses in Ada and software engineering. Under direction of DISA's Center for Software (CFSW) and Software Management Department, the program is comparable to previous efforts supported by the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) in which educators have been awarded contracts for developing Ada courseware.

Notice for the most recent effort was published in a Broad Area Announcement (BAA) in the government's Commerce Business Daily (CBD) of May 3, 1995, with a submissions deadline of June 30, 1995.

Besides benefiting the individual universities and classes immediately involved, the courseware developed will be made publicly available to the entire Ada community. Courseware from a number of previous projects is already available on the Ada Information Clearinghouse's (AdaIC's) Internet host (

The latest awards

Auburn University "GRASP/Ada 95 Modification" and "Migration to Ada 95 in Introduction to Software Engineering, Software Engineering I, and Software Engineering II"

Drexel University

"Real-Time Object-oriented Design of Control Architecture with Ada, Part I: Course Development" and "Real-Time Object-oriented Design of Control Development, Part II, Tool Development"

Fairleigh Dickinson University

"Software Reuse with Ada"

George Mason University

"A Course in Real-Time Software Design Based on Ada 95" and "An Ada-based Foundation Course for a Graduate Systems Program"

George Washington University

"Ada, Animation and Interaction" and "GNAT Tools"

North Carolina A&T State University

"Software Engineering and Software Reuse Courses using Ada95" and "Ada95 Resources to Support Software Engineering and Software Reuse Courses"

Oklahoma State University

"Adopting Ada 95 for Computer Graphics Course"

Pennsylvania State University

"Object-oriented Programming and Software Engineering with Ada 95 and C++"

Texas Tech

"An Ada-based Concepts of Programming Language Course"

University of Hawaii

"Using Ada to Construct a Client and Server for the World Wide Web"

University of Montana

"Ada95-Based Curriculum Development: An Ada-Based, Two Year, Breadth-First Curriculum"

University of North Dakota

"Ada 95 versus C++ in Teaching Object-Oriented Software Engineering"

University of Oklahoma

"Adopting Ada95 for Computer Graphics Course"

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