AdaIC News Winter 1996

Using the ReuseIC Host to
Find Reusable Components

If you're looking for sources of reusable software components, the Reuse Information Clearinghouse's (ReuseIC's) Internet host can point you in a lot of directions.

Some of the major repositories are discussed on the following page. (See "Major Reuse Repositories") The ReuseIC's World Wide Web (WWW) site ( maintains links to the repositories described there. The ReuseIC Web site is also starting to build links to sites that may have more specialized components available.

For instance, the Web site now links you to the Reusable Software Research Group (RSRG) at the Ohio State University. The group deals with disciplined engineering of and with reusable software components. A small sample of components is currently available for public access, including an Ada effort.

The ReuseIC is looking for still other such sites and repositories, and they welcome your suggestions for additions.

But when you're checking out the ReuseIC side of the host, remember the "other" side, too -- the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) has links that may prove useful, and it has its own directories with Ada source code that may be valuable for your project.

For further information

For information on accessing either the AdaIC or ReuseIC Internet resources, contact 1-800-AdaIC-11 (232-4211) or 1-800-REUSE-SW (738-7379).

You can also e-mail either or

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