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TRI-Ada 95

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Software professionals from all over the world gathered in Anaheim, Calif., in early November to discuss Ada's role in the changing global market. TRI-Ada 95 Conference highlights included an exhibit area packed with vendors demonstrating new Ada 95 tools and one compiler vendor running the tests necessary to validate their compiler.

There were also paper presentations and panels about virtually every aspect of Ada, and keynote talks from John R. Mashey of Silicon Graphics, Inc., Richard H. Stallman of the Free Software Foundation, author John Barnes, and Peter C. Coffee of PC Week Labs.
Keynote talks

Mashey, the first day's keynote speaker, kicked off the conference with a humorous and informative presentation titled "Hardware, Wetware, Software" -- in which he discussed the history and future trends in data-storage and -transfer tools, as well as techniques and user interfaces.

On day two, Stallman discussed "The GNU Project and Ada" -- with a look at the history, future, and importance of free software. Barnes also addressed the history and future of Ada on day three with a presentation on "Evolution and Abstraction." Coffee's final-day presentation gave "A Journalist's View of Ada" on the state and direction of information-technology industry and Ada's position in the software industry.
Vendor Exhibits

One of the highlights of the exhibit hall was the Ada Core Technologies (ACT) demonstration, where attendees watched IABG, the German Ada Validation Facility, conduct a full validation test of the first three implementations of GNAT -- on the Indy, Indigo-2, and Onyx platforms.
SIGAda awards

The Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Ada announced its annual awards for outstanding commitment to Ada. This year's recipients are: Dr. Charles Engle, Mark Gerhart, Richard Conn, Robert Dewar, Jean Ishbiah, and Tucker Taft. Congratulations!
Proceedings and SIGAda trip report

If you are interested in more details or individual perceptions of TRI-Ada 95, be sure to check out the Ada Resources Association (ARA)-sponsored trip report, which is available on SIGAda's Wide World Web server ( -- or go directly to

The Proceedings, "Solutions for a Changing Complex World," can be ordered from ACM, P.O. Box 12105, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10257; 800/342-6626; 212/626-0500. (ACM order # 825950, members: $36, non-members $72; shipping $7 in U.S., Canada, $8 other.)

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