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|Ada Trade Group Holds Programming Contest |ez2load --- Plug-and-Play Ada83/Ada95 for DOS|
|Article Highlights Ada 95 PowerPC |Newest "Lovelace" Available -- Free Ada 95 Tutorial|

Ada Trade Group Holds Programming Contest

The Ada Resources Association (ARA) is holding a bimonthly "Ada Lovelace Programming Contest." They are looking for "unique" code that gives a "good reusable components or elegant exposition."

This contest is open to all. Every second month (February, April, etc.), the ARA will pay $750 to the best Ada code segment submitted. The submission must be by the 15th of the second month, and the award will be announced at the end of the month. The first contest closed December 15, 1995.

Submission is made by e-mailing the source code to Appropriate documentation and tests cases should be provided. Submissions received after the 15th will be included in the next contest, and a non-winning submission may be submitted to the next bimonthly competition.

Contest organizers are hoping to get a few high-quality components and examples, rather than a large quantity of lesser ones.

Besides being unique and a good reusable component or elegant exposition, the conditions are:

1) The code may "with" previous winners, but should be otherwise portable from compiler to compiler. (The software may depend on a particular operating system or other commonly available software.)

2) The copyright will be given to the ARA with free use permitted. The original author's name, etc., will be kept.

A panel of independent judges will do the actual choosing and will use their own judgement to balance the criteria.

To an appropriate extent, the judges' discussions will be carried on in a public forum, such as the comp.lang.ada newsgroup on the Internet, so that others may come to understand the judges' reasoning. In this manner, the contest can be viewed as a teaching/learning tool. The judges may (at their discretion) request changes to a submission.

The judges are Tucker Taft (Intermetrics; Chief Language Designer, Ada 95), Michael Feldman (George Washington University; Chair, ACM SIGAda Education Working Group), and Magnus Kempe (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). They may be sending additional information to the ARA mailing list or comp.lang.ada.

The ARA will maintain the rules and a winners list on the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers WWW site; winning entries will be downloadable via ftp from

To join the ARA mailing list, send a message to with the body of the message containing SUBSCRIBE ARA Your Name.

Questions about the contest may be directed to:

ez2load -- Plug-and-Play Ada83/Ada95 for DOS

The Computer Science Department at George Washington University has released the package ez2load -- a "plug-and-play" distribution of free Ada compilers and other tools for MS-DOS. It includes GNAT for DOS, the GW-GNAT editor, a new Turbo-style editor called AdaCAPS, GW-Ada/Ed, AVLAda9X, and Ada-Tutor.

The various components are all available separately from their usual ftp sites, but this puts them all together with a menu-driven installer program. It was intended mainly for the latest release of the Walnut Creek Ada CD-ROM, but it is equally useful as an ftp or diskette distribution.

Distribution consists of a number of diskette-size compressed (.zip) files, together with a menu-driven installer program.

On the Internet, the ez2load suite is available from in the directory pub/ada/ez2load, and also from the Public Ada Library ( and its mirrors, in the directory languages/ada/compiler/ez2load.

The complete distribution occupies about 8.5 megabytes; the unpacked and installed distribution requires about 15 MB. You need an MS-DOS computer with an 80386 or better CPU; 4 MB minimum RAM, 8 MB preferred.

[Prof. Michael B. Feldman, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052; tel: 202/994-5919; fax: 202/994-0227;]

Article highlights Ada 95 and PowerPC

"The 'new' Ada 95 standard offers unprecedented support for virtually every software requirement in today's global marketplace," according to Defense & Security Electronics (September 1995, pp. 10, 13; Computer Trends & Applications, Software: "PowerPC + Ada 95 = New Power and Software Capabilities").

The article linked Ada 95 to the PowerPC Architecture as offering superior capability for modern software applications.

Just as the PowerPC Architecture (developed in a cooperative effort by Apple, IBM, and Motorola) was designed to be flexible and scalable, Ada 95 has been designed to scale up to meet those needs. "Unlike other object-oriented languages, Ada 95 is a well-designed, well-documented, consistent and stable standard," stated the article.

Ada 95 has already been adapted to the PowerPC architecture, resulting in a combination of power, speed and cost-effectiveness that will serve user needs for many years.

[Defense and Security Electronics, 6300 South Syracuse Way, Suite 650, Englewood, CO 30339-2941, 303/220-0600]

Newest "Lovelace" available -- Free Ada 95 tutorial

Version 4.5 of "Lovelace," a free on-line tutorial for Ada 95, has just been released by David A. Wheeler.

Via the World Wide Web, the Lovelace tutorial can be accessed at:

[David A. Wheeler,]

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