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Resources are available to help you sift through the complex issues surrounding software reuse.

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In one sense, software reuse is commonplace and familiar: Individuals have always been developing new applications from existing software. But they have been doing it on an ad hoc basis. What is relatively new is that people are now doing it systematically and across an entire organization, and writing new code with an eye to such systematic reuse. This involves programming issues, legal issues, administrative issues. It involves individual developers, projects, repositories, and major policy decisions.

To help you sort through all that, there are already a number of major policy and guidance documents available. Some of them are general, some detailed. A growing number of them are available on the Reuse Information Clearinghouse (ReuseIC) host computer and other sites on the Internet.

Here is a quick overview of some of the documents that refer to reuse throughout the Department of Defense (DoD). The list is not exhaustive; for instance, each of the Services has issued guidance documents. These, too, can be accessed via the ReuseIC Web site.

(The items listed below aren't intended to get into the programming details. If you are looking for more engineering-oriented material, check out the bibliographies offered by the Reuse Information Clearinghouse -- ReuseIC. Also check out the ReuseIC's Web site for information on implementation guidelines. See "Reuse Information Clearinghouse Open for Business" for information on contacting the ReuseIC.)

The DoD Software Reuse Initiative

Software Reuse Initiative Vision and Strategy
Initially released July 15, 1992, the current edition is dated 14 February 1996. The Vision and Strategy provides the focus under which software reuse efforts will be continued, lessons-learned collected, and experiences shared. The document describes the vision and strategy for a DoD initiative that will make a reuse-based paradigm the preferred alternative for developing and supporting software.

Bringing it to the project level

The DOD Software Reuse Initiative Technology Roadmap, 30 March 1995
This responds to the DoD Software Reuse Vision and Strategy, which calls for "a technology-based investment strategy which identifies, tracks, and transitions appropriate reuse-oriented process and product technologies." This Roadmap identifies the technologies critical to the goal of institutionalizing software reuse within the Department of Defense.

Software Reuse Executive Primer, April 15, 1996
The Primer provides a simple and understandable overview of software reuse. It presents the issues and benefits involved in transitioning to reuse-based software acquisition, development, and maintenance processes, and answers frequently asked questions about software reuse.

And the newest...

In addition to the SRI documents above, three more are to be released soon, and may well be available by the time you read this.

Department of Defense Software Reuse Initiative Strategic Plan
This defines an overall DoD Software Reuse Initiative that has a coordinated approach among the Services, Agencies, and SRI Program Management Office (PMO). It defines the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders; provides a process for identifying duplication of effort and gaps in the required infrastructure; and has an incremental strategy for the adoption of systematic reuse. The plan is structured around five major thrusts: 1) Implement a Product-Line Approach; 2) Develop a Reuse-Based Software Systems Engineering Paradigm: 3) Remove Barriers to Reuse; 4) Quicken Technology Transfer; and 5) Make Successes Apparent.

Department of Defense Software Reuse Initiative Operational Management Plan
This identifies activities that are necessary for the next two years to prove the value of adopting a product-line approach and to prepare the infrastructure for its widespread adoption during the following three years.

Program Manager's Reuse Issues Handbook
This document answers 25 commonly asked reuse questions on acquisition issues. These questions have been grouped into four areas: Strategy/Planning, Contract Preparation, System Development, and Post-Deployment Software Support. The answers to these questions are intended to promote consideration of software reuse, reduce or eliminate misconceptions of acquisition and legal barriers to software reuse, familiarize PEOs and PMs with the pertinent reuse acquisition issues, and prompt them to seek further guidance and information on the various topics.

Getting copies

All the documents described above are available on the ReuseIC Web site: The search features can help you quickly find the document you need. Please call the ReuseIC at 1-800/REUSE-SW (738-7379) with questions.

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