AdaIC News Winter 1996

AdaSAGE for Windows on Internet
The popular application-development system AdaSAGE has two more points in its favor. With the release of AdaSAGE 5.0, Win32 developers (Window NT/95/32s) now have full AdaSAGE programming capability. And to make that capability easier to access, it has been made available as a package on the Internet. Initial copies of the update were distributed on CD-ROM at the TRI-Ada conference at the AdaSAGE/Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) booth. (See article on TRI-Ada.)

Accompanying the new release, some AdaSAGE tools have been converted to Windows and are now available -- along with AdaSAGE 4.2 source code and various other versions of AdaSAGE for new platforms such as Sun Solaris. (Most of the first AdaSAGE CD-ROM was included in the new package.)
Obtaining copies
If you have access to the Internet and to the file transfer protocol (ftp) utility, you can download the contents of the new CD-ROM from the SAGE anonymous ftp server ( Look under the cdrom002 directory.

And if you prefer to surf the World Wide Web, you haven't been forgotten. In association with the CD-ROM #2 release, some AdaSAGE documentation has been produced in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format. So if you have access to the Web, you can access the AdaSAGE User Manual on-line. Check it out at

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