AdaIC News Winter 1996

Education Lady Ada Academic Ada Compiler
to Be Available This Summer

In bringing Ada to the widest possible audience, the student and academic marketplace cannot be overlooked. However, this marketplace usually works with a lack of economic resources available to many commercial efforts. Responding to this need, the Ada Joint Program Office's (AJPO) sponsored development of an inexpensive compiler aimed directly at the student and academic marketplace.

Academic AdaMagic, developed by Intermetrics, Inc., and Thomson Software Products, Inc., will be available this summer. It will be sold in tandem with Ada 95: Problem Solving & Program Design, an introductory computer-science textbook, by Michael B. Feldman and Elliot B. Koffman, published by Addison-Wesley. The package will be available for purchase both by educational institutions and by individual students in college bookstores.

The compiler will be a CD-ROM version of Thomson's full Ada 95 compiler and development environment, and will be priced competitively with introductory computer-science textbook/software packages that teach other languages. It is expected that the package will be in the $70 price range, with the textbook only at $45.

The Academic AdaMagic version will be licensed for educational use only, and may not be used for software development by industry or government. Academic AdaMagic will be available on Intel '386, '486, Pentium, and PowerPC personal computers, and Solaris and HP/UX workstations. Intermetrics' partner, Thomson Software Products, will distribute a professional version based on Thomson's ObjectAda technology coupled with the AdaMagic front-end. The resulting product, ObjectAda 7.0, will offer an enhanced environment on a wider range of platform choices.

Academic AdaMagic is a graphical user interface (GUI) basedhoney development environment, and contains a compiler, a browser, an editor, a debugger, a library manager, the textbook, and on-line help. On-line, hypertext versions of the Ada 95 Language Reference Manual, Ada 95 Rationale, and the textbook are also included.

Although general availability of the complete package is scheduled for August, institutional purchasers, such as computer-science departments, may be able to obtain copies of the beta version before then. The textbook will be available in February, a beta version of the Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT is scheduled for May; other platform products will follow during the summer.

For details, contact: Dennis Struble
Intermetrics, Inc.
733 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
tel: 617/661-1840

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