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The AdaIC News Winter 1996

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ReuseIC Open for Business

Letter from the AJPO - Dr. Charles Engle

Tri-Ada '95

Use the ReuseIC host to find Reusable Components

Bindings support on the AdaIC host

Major Reuse Repositories

Why Ada?

ASEET Team Expands Membership, Tenth Symposium Set for June

DISA Makes Awards in Ada Curriculum-Development Effort

Academic Ada Compiler to Be Available This Summer

Boeing 777 soars with Ada

AdaSAGE for Windows on Internet

AJPO, AdaIC Release New and Revised Publications

Some Policy and Guidance Documents for Reuse


At A Glance


Ada Trade Group Holds Programming Contest

ez2load -- Plug-and-Play Ada83/Ada95 for DOS

Article highlights Ada 95 and PowerPC

Newest "Lovelace" available -- Free Ada 95 tutorial

ReuseIC Open for Business!

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If you want to control software costs, looking into reuse should be on your to-do list. Right under the general heading of "reuse", you may want to put "call the Reuse Information Clearinghouse (ReuseIC), 1-800-REUSE-SW (738-7379)."

The Software Reuse Initiative

Department of Defense (DoD) software costs are growing; from about $30 billion in 1990, it's estimated they were over $40 billion in 1995. Controlling those costs is vital, and for some time now, software reuse has been recognized as an obvious cost-control device. In 1991, a DoD study looked ahead and concluded that reuse could save $1 billion out of estimated 1994 software costs.

Both the Congress and the DoD have recognized the importance of reuse, and the House report accompanying the FY 1994 Appropriations bill directed the DoD to establish a "more formal program" for its Software Reuse Initiative (SRI). The DoD agreed with Congress's concerns, and responded in March 1994 with a Report to Congress outlining plans to strengthen software-reuse efforts.

The program-management function for the SRI was established at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the SRI is now part of DISA's Center for Operational Support (COS).

The ReuseIC

reuseic collage One of the SRI's necessary tasks is to disseminate information, and that's where the ReuseIC comes in. If you're interested in learning about the latest trends in software reuse, you can count on the ReuseIC as a one-stop source for free information. Sponsored by the SRI, the ReuseIC is positioned to bring you the latest information about reuse from an organization dedicated to institutionalizing the practice of software reuse.

Contact the ReuseIC for information about any of the following topics: lessons learned in defining, developing, and institutionalizing a software reuse program; guidelines for making software reuse a reality in your organization; reuse success stories ; bibliographies on reuse; legal issues associated with software reuse; sources for reusable software components and architectures; reuse workshops, meetings, and conferences; education and training opportunities for software reuse; policies and practices in place within the DoD and military services; SRI program history.

The help desk

1-800-REUSE-SW (738-7379) or 703/681-2471 Call the ReuseIC Help Desk, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, Eastern Time.

Weekly news summaries

The ReuseIC's weekly news summaries provide abstracts of the latest reuse news from industry journals and press releases. They are sent out by electronic mail each Friday.

To be included in the ReuseIC's weekly news e-mail distribution, send a message to:


Include the following in the body of the message:

subscribe reuse <your name here>

Information flyers, reports

The ReuseIC publishes and distributes news summaries, bibliographies, guidebooks, and lessons-learned documents -- all related to software reuse.

Research library

A comprehensive collection of articles, reports, textbooks, videos, and CD-ROMs is available for browsing in the ReuseIC research library in Falls Church, Va. Call the librarian at 703/681-2451 to arrange a visit. Internet users may search the ReuseIC library database via the ReuseIC Internet host.

Internet host -- sw-eng.falls-church.va.us (IP address

If you've checked out the AdaIC's World Wide Web (WWW) site on the Internet, you've already seen that the ReuseIC has a Web site on the same host. Like the AdaIC site, the ReuseIC host is available to all Internet users 24-hours a day.

Help Desk If you haven't accessed it yet, give it a try. More than 1000 files, covering virtually every aspect of software reuse, are available on the ReuseIC's Internet host. From the ReuseIC WWW home page, you can browse these files, or you can link to reuse information located at various Internet sites around the world.

The Web requires software similar to Netscape and other programs, but the ReuseIC host can also be accessed by anonymous ftp and gopher and utilities. Computer users who don't have Internet access may access reuse information on the ReuseIC Internet host via our dial-up line: 703/681-2845. For details on accessing the host, contact the ReuseIC help desk.


The ReuseIC welcomes written inquiries and any other information you wish to share. Their reuse resources increase every day, and they are committed to finding the best way to bring that information to you.

Reuse Information Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 1068
Falls Church, VA 22041
Tel: 1-800-REUSE-SW (738-7379) or 703/681-2471
Fax: 703/681-2868
E-mail: reuseic@sw-eng.falls-church.va.us
URL: http://sw-eng.falls-church.va.us/ReuseIC


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