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Delivering Quality for Those Who Demand Quality Since its inception in 1984, the Washington Ada Symposium (WAdaS) has gained a reputation as an important conference in software-engineering technology and related management issues. The 13th Annual Washington Ada Symposium (WAdaS '96) will be held July 22-25, at the McLean Hilton in McLean, Virginia. The theme is "Delivering Quality for those Who Demand Quality." The conference is sponsored by the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Ada (ACM SIGAda).

Forums & Tutorials

WAdaS provides a forum for researchers to present their work to practitioners eager to learn about promising approaches, software developers and managers to exchange information and experience on the latest technologies or lessons learned, vendors and organizations to demonstrate and exhibit related products or services, and individuals to meet informally with their peers.

The conference features tutorials for the novice or those wishing to expand their present knowledge, presentation of papers, panel discussions, and related workshops. Among the topics to be discussed at WAdaS are: software-engineering methods and techniques; TQM and software process improvement; software-engineering methods and techniques; software- or system-development tools; Ada 95 experiences; experience developing applications for commercial markets; developing systems using "open system" standards; Ada 95 transition tips and strategies; Ada bindings and multi-language systems; re-engineering and transitioning legacy systems; distributed and client/server systems; Ada education and industrial training; software management issues; software and system portability and reuse; integration with COTS products; software measurement and metrics; performance issues; real-time and embedded systems; Ada technology insertion and transfer; geographically distributed software development; Ada 95 products and services; comparison between DoD and commercial software practices; CORBA/Fresco/OMG object-oriented techniques; and penetrating and competing in commercial software markets.


Monday and Tuesday of the conference are devoted to tutorials; Wednesday focuses on panels and papers emphasizing delivering quality, and Thursday is devoted to topics concentrating on demanding quality. In addition, exhibitors will be on hand Wednesday and Thursday to demonstrate their latest Ada 95 products and tools.

Like WAdaS '95, this year's conference plans to have world renowned speakers and guests discussing the latest trends in Ada and software engineering. WAdaS '95 was highlighted by a live via-satellite television broadcast, Using object-oriented methods to accomplish business objectives, which featured Grady Booch, Marie Lenzi, and Derek Coleman.

To register for WAdaS '96, please fill out the registration form on the next page and fax it to Georgia Scientific at the number given.

For further information about WAdaS '96, please visit our World Wide Web site at, or contact the Ada Information Clearinghouse at 1-800/232-4211.

WAdaS '96 Registration Form

Please complete the on-line registration form and return it to Kathy Keller at Jorge Scientific Corporation, 7500 Greenway Center Drive, Suite 1130; Greenbelt, MD 20770; or fax it to 301/220-1704 by June 28, 1996. Call 703/416-8211 for more information!

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