AdaIC News Spring/Summer 1996

Helping You Find the Resources You Need:
The Ada & Reuse Libraries

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If you're looking for books or articles on Ada or on software reuse, we can help.

The number of books and articles on Ada and on reuse grows daily. Also, there is a wealth of information available on the Internet and on the World Wide Web. Putting the Net together with the Ada and Reuse Libraries makes a very powerful research tool.

The Libraries

The Ada Library and the Reuse Library at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) are public, non-lending, reference libraries for all professionals, students, and researchers seeking information on the Ada programming language and on software reuse.

Both Libraries collect and hold information found in documents, books, conference proceedings, newspaper and journal articles, and other multimedia material. Some of the Ada materials go back to the Higher Order Language Working Group (HOLWG), which was established to oversee development of the language that later came to be called Ada.

Accessing the Libraries

The Libraries can provide assistance in two ways: helping you find publications in each library, and conducting on-line searches for published information available elsewhere. You can access these resources in person, and via the Web, or you can call us to request a search.

Over the Web, go to There, just click on "Library" at the main page of either the AdaIC or the ReuseIC. You can search database by title, author, subject, or publisher.

Visiting the Libraries in person

The Libraries are located in DISA offices at 5600 Columbia Pike (Room 363A), Falls Church, Virginia. A limited number of on-site parking spaces are available for a fee. The building is secured, and visitors must sign in at the front security desk, receive a temporary badge, and be escorted. Visitors to the Library have access to a computer terminal and the database.

Library Operating Hours

Monday through Friday -- 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Appointments are required, and can be made by calling the library (703/681-2451), the AdaIC (703/681-2466 or 800/232-4211), or the ReuseIC (703/681-2471 or 800/738-7379).

Ada 95 Training Opportunities
| CREASE Version 8.0 |
| For Those Without Internet/Web Access |
For those seeking instruction in Ada 95, the question now is exactly what kind you want -- academic instruction for credit, commercial trainers, or self-paced learning.
CREASE Version 8.0 The Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) recently released ver. 8 of the Catalog of Resources for Education in Ada and Software Engineering (CREASE); it shows that Ada is keeping its roughly 20-25% annual increase in the number of Ada courses and institutions offering them. Now, Ada 95 is taking part in advancing that growth. As of the turn of the year, 30 academic institutions were offering 33 courses addressing Ada 95, and 25 commercial trainers were offering 42 courses. At the end of Ada 95's first year, then, about 15% or more of the total number of courses and institutions have moved up to it. (Other courses may have been upgraded without explicitly listing Ada 95 content.)

For those of you with access to the World Wide Web (WWW), finding out about those courses is as easy as clicking on "Education & Training" when you visit the AdaIC Web site. You can search the CREASE, as well as see many other possibilities.

There are self-paced Ada 95 courses on the Web; and if you want to teach Ada 95, there's courseware, too. Linking to any one site, you may very well find still other links to Ada 95 educational and training materials. And there are textbooks, of course. (For information, contact the AdaIC.)

For Those Without Internet/Web Access If you're looking for Ada 95 classroom information, searching the Web is probably the quickest means of obtaining it. But if you don't have Internet/Web access, you're not out of luck. A letter, call, or fax to the AdaIC may be able to get you the same information. Some things are conveniently handled only in electronic form, of course. But commercial companies have downloaded public Ada 95 materials from the Internet and offer them on CD-ROM and by other means. The AdaIC can point you to these vendors. Just call 800/232-4211.

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