AdaIC News Fall 1996

ATIP-P Makes Awards to Spur Development
of Commercial Ada 95 Products

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One of the major goals of the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) is to continue to improve Ada's position in the commercial marketplace. An important initiative in this regard is the Ada Technology Insertion Program-Partnerships (ATIP-P) -- which recently sought competitive proposals by commercial companies for tools, bindings, and other products supporting Ada 95.

Under ATIP-P, vendors will own their products and be encouraged to commercially market them to the general user. The government will recoup its investment by receiving significant discounts or a certain number of free product licenses.

Managed by the Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), ATIP-P received proposals for a wide range of products, and recently announced ten awards. The products will provide additional resources for Ada 95, and will be available in the fourth quarter of 1996. Ø

The products

The ten private sector companies and the areas their tools will address are:

AdaSoft, Inc, Laurel, Md.
Provide Internet-accessible Ada 95 training.
DDC-I Inc., Phoenix, Ariz.
Provide Ada 95 software test tools based on the Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS 95) standard.
Intermetrics, Inc., Cambridge, Mass.
Enter Ada 95 into the expanding needs of the World Wide Web and Java "applet" market by providing an Ada 95 to Java J-code compiler. (For more on this, see "ATIP-P Supports Ada Java Compiler" in this issue.)
McKee Consulting, Littleton, Colo.
Provide an Ada 95 development environment for the Apple Macintosh.
Noetic Software, Inc., Willow Grove, Penn.
Provide bindings to the MIL-STD-1553B data-interface bus standard and the designated commercial standard.
Objective Interface Systems, Inc., Reston, Va.
Provide distributed processing and client/server interfaces using the Object Management Group's Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA).
OC Systems, Inc., Fairfax, Va.
Provide Ada 95 extensions to the IBM VisualAge programming environment and object libraries.
R.R. Software, Inc., Madison, Wisc.
Provide object-oriented bindings to the Microsoft Windows' Win 32 development environment.
Stony Brook Software, Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Provide a fast/optimized compiler and graphical user interface (GUI) development environment.
WPL Laboratories, Inc., Haverford, Penn.
Produce Web-based Ada components to position Ada 95 to share in the Web's rapid growth.

As these projects develop, further information will be available through the Ada Information Clearinghouse (800/232-4211, 703/681-2466. Ø

National Science Foundation
Sponsors Its First Ada Workshops

For the first time, the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored a workshop specifically geared to Ada. Held June 3-14, at Illinois State University, the workshop was titled "Ada Throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum". It focused on Ada's suitability for teaching concepts such as data abstraction, software engineering, and object-oriented programming at all levels of a computer-science curriculum.

The workshop was intended for faculty planning to use Ada in their courses; participants were expected to initiate curriculum projects to be completed during the 1996-97 academic year.

Also, the NSF jointly funded a summer workshop on Ada with the Connecticut Department of Education. This was an intensive two-day hands-on workshop to help high-school teachers move up to Ada and software engineering at their schools. Held at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., the workshop also had participation from the Ada Software Engineering Education and Training (ASEET) Team. (For other ASEET Team efforts, see "The ASEET Team -- Ada's Foot Soldiers".)

Information on the Illinois workshop isposted on the Web at Ø

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