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New DoD 5000.2-R Reaffirms Ada
Adds Reporting Requirements
for Major Information Systems

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On March 16, 1996, the Secretary of Defense signed the new DoD Directive 5000.1, "Defense Acquisition", and the Deputy Secretary of Defense signed DoD Regulation 5000.2, "Mandatory Procedures for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Acquisition Programs".

The new 5000 documents supersede 1991 versions. (The policy on Ada will also be stated in a new version of DoD Directive 3405.1 "Computer Programming Language Policy". Work is presently underway on revising DOD Directive 3405.1, the current version of which is dated 1987.) Ø

The Ada requirement

In the new DOD 5000.2-R, the Ada requirement is found in section 4.3.5, "Software Engineering".

"Software shall be managed and engineered using best processes and practices that are known to reduce cost, schedule, and technical risks. It is DoD policy to design and develop software systems based on systems engineering principles, to include:

1. Developing software system architectures that support open system concepts; exploit commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer systems products; and provide for incremental improvements based on modular, reusable, extensible software;
2. Identifying and exploiting software reuse opportunities, Government and commercial, before beginning new software development;
3. Use of the Ada programming language to develop code for which the government is responsible for life-cycle maintenance and support. Additional guidance is contained in DoDD 3405.1;
4. Use of DoD standard data. Additional guidance is contained in DoDD 8320.1;
5. Selecting contractors with the domain experience in developing comparable software systems, a successful past performance record, and a demonstrable mature software development capability and process; and
6. Use of software metrics to effect the necessary discipline of the software development process and assess the maturity of the software product.
7. Ensuring that information warfare risks have been assessed (DoDD TS-3600.1)." Ø

Reporting requirements for Major Automated Information Systems

The new reporting requirements are in Appendix V, "Major AIS Quarterly Report".

Section I.F, "Management Structure", calls upon projects to describe "key program and software development measures that support the program management process." Among the measures that should be addressed, paragraph (6) lists "Technical Adequacy -- regarding software reuse, use of Ada for software development, and use of approved standard data elements."

Under Section I.H, "Major AIS Interface", projects are called upon to "state compliance with the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM) and Ada standards". Also, they are to show how "standard data and reused software will be utilized". Ø

Obtaining copies

For those with suitable browser software (Netscape, Mosaic, etc.), electronic copies of the new documents are available via the World Wide Web. You can link to them via the Ada Information Clearinghouse's Web site, under the "Policy and History" page. Or you can go directly to the Acquisition Systems Management Home Page maintained by the Defense Acquisition Board Executive Secretary.

DODD 5000.1 takes up approximately 51 kilobytes in the Microsoft Word 6.0 file available on the Web; it prints to 14 pages hardcopy; the main part of 5000.2-R is nearly a megabyte and prints to 121 pages; there are also additional files of interest.

DoD installations without Web access may be able to obtain hardcopies through their normal document channels. If you need further information on obtaining copies, please feel free to contact the Ada Information Clearinghouse:

P.O. Box 1866
Falls Church, VA 22041
tel: 1-800-AdaIC-11 (232-4211),
703/681-2466; fax: 703/681-2869


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