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Validating Your Ada Code

One of the recent advances is WebAda. When your Web browser accesses the AdaIC site, just click on "Compilers" and go down to the WebAda link.

WebAda lets you find out how well you've learned Ada -- checking your code to see whether it compiles, and showing any errors. Right now, WebAda functions as a syntax checker, "validating" whether your code will compile. Soon, it will run your programs so you can see the results of executing your code. On each page, you'll find links to other Web resources -- such as the Ada 95 Language Reference Manual and the Quality and Style guide. Additionally, work is underway to make WebAda a tools showcase. You will be able to configure it to use a number of products available on the market.Ø

Vendors Expressing Interest

Several vendors of Ada products have expressed interest in providing their tools for you to try out with WebAda. As WebAda is enhanced, tools will be integrated with it. The first to become configurable was David Wheeler's Lovelace Ada 95 tutorial.

The near-term plan for WebAda is to integrate AppletMagic from Intermetrics and an Interface Description Language (IDL)-to-Ada utility from Objective Interface Systems (OIS). WebAda integration software with "how-to" instructions is also in the works. This will give vendors an opportunity to reach a growing audience and at the same time promote the use of Ada 95.

Doug Smith, WebAda's developer, said, "WebAda works well for both Ada developers and Ada tool vendors. Usually, to reduce the risk of purchasing tools, vendors distribute and developers install evaluation copies. WebAda can be the evaluation mechanism for many of the tools currently on the market." Ø

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