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"Top 5%"

The Software Engineering World Wide Web site, home page for both the Ada and Reuse Information Clearinghouses, has been judged among the "Top 5% of the Web" by the Point Web Reviews (part of the Lycos company's search activities on the Web). Sites are chosen based upon their content, presentation, and experience. Ø

Thomson, IDE to merge

Thomson Software Products of San Diego and Interactive Development Environments, Inc., (IDE) of San Francisco, companies with expertise in Ada development tools and computer-aided software engineering, are merging, according to Ben Goodwin, Thomson's president and CEO.

Familiar product names, such as IDE's Software Through Pictures engineering environment and Thomson's Object Ada software tools, will remain intact, Goodwin says. The combined company's new name has not yet been chosen.

["Thomson Software to merge with IDE," Military and Aerospace Electronics, June 1996.] Ø

Ada 95 Booch components available on Net

An Ada 95 set of the popular Booch Components has been released and is available for free on the Internet. This release provides only the Queues sequential hierarchy, but near-future releases will include other components. Make sure to read the supplemental data given. Via ftp, this release can be downloaded from (Select the .zip file if using a Microsoft operating system other than Windows 95 or NT.) Ø

Tartan acquired by TI

Tartan, Inc., a leading provider of Ada compilers, has recently been acquired by Texas Instruments. Tartan is a leading third-party provider of highly optimizing software tools for developers of real-time, embedded digital signal processing (DSP) applications.

The companies believe their combined expertise should result in producing the industry's highest performance DSP software tools. "This acquisition doubles our DSP development support resources," said Mike Hames, TI Semiconductor Group vice president and worldwide DSP manager. "TI will be able to take advantage of Tartan's expertise and technology to dramatically accelerate TMS320 DSP technology development and to provide the best DSP customer application support in the industry,"

[Texas Instruments, May 6, 1996.] Ø

Latest Ada 95 compiler validation suite on line

The newest version of the Ada Compiler Validation Capability, ACVC 2.0.1, is available for downloading via anonymous ftp from the AdaIC Internet host. It is located in directory Ø

Ada news by e-mail

The Ada Information Clearinghouse has reactivated the Ada News Brief service. To get the News Briefs e-mailed to you, send a message to:

In the body of the message, write:

subscribe adanews

IEEE mock ballot: Ada binding to POSIX

The P1003.5c working group of the Portable Applications Standards Committee (PASC) of the IEEE Computer Society is conducting a mock ballot of the draft IEEE POSIX standard for an Ada binding to P1003.1g, "Protocol Independent Interfaces" (i.e., sockets and XTI network interfaces).

If you would like to participate in the mock ballot, or take an active role in the working group, or if you simply have an interest in observing the flow of information exchanged on this subject, you can subscribe to an e-mail list on the topic. Send e-mail to:

with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.

[Shane P. McCarron, Testing Research Manager, P1003.5c Working Group] Ø

ASIS moves ahead on standardization path

In February, the Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) passed another ballot on the way to becoming a New Work Item for the International Standardization Organization (ISO).

Important as a standard interface between an Ada environment and Ada tools, ASIS continues to progress -- both through ISO channels and in work to produce more ASIS-compliant tools and other support. The next balloting step expected is with Working Group 9, the ISO Ada Working Group (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9). Information on this and on vendor support can be found on the Web.

ASIS Working Group (ASISWG)
Currie Colket, Chair
SPAWAR 332, Crystal Park #5, 2451 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22245-5200
tel: 703/602-1483
fax: 703/602-6805
e-mail:, or

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