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Ada 95 Validation Test Suite and "Passing" Criteria Upgraded
AJPO Notes: Ada users honor Donald Reifer

Ada 95 Validation Test Suite and "Passing" Criteria Upgraded
The Ada 95 Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC) has been upgraded. On Mar. 31, 1996, ACVC 2.0 will be replaced by ACVC 2.0.1.

Some withdrawn tests restored
A number of tests have been withdrawn from ACVC 2.0 because of problems. ACVC 2.0.1 restores those tests for which the problems have been corrected. (Most of these tests are from the group known as Ada 9X Basic -- which validates those aspects of the language shared by both Ada 95 and Ada 83 but with some changes in language rules for Ada 95, e.g., checking static types).

The Ada Compiler Validation Procedures document has been updated (version 4.1) to reflect the new ACVC version and also to reflect a change in the "passing" criteria for Ada 95 validation certificates.

New passing criteria
For Ver. 2.0, it was sufficient to pass all the Ada 9X Basic tests. In effect, Ver. 2.0 guaranteed that a compiler would have no incompatibilities with Ada 95, but did not mandate that all Ada 95's new core language features be passed.

Responding to user need for Ada 95 features, ACVC 2.0.1's mandatory criteria for obtaining an Ada 95 certificate are passing all applicable

Ada 9X Basic tests and passing all applicable tests for either real-time or object-oriented programming in the core language. These last features are two of the highest user demand areas of Ada 95, and areas where compiler vendors have already shown the greatest support.

(With either ACVC 2.0 or ACVC 2.0.1, certificates issued for validation will expire at the same time -- Mar. 31, 1998.)

To obtain the Procedures document
Version 4.1 of the Ada Compiler Validation Procedures is expected to be available by January 1996.

Hardcopies will be available through the Ada Information Clearinghouse (800/232-4211; 703/681-2466). Electronic copies will be available through the AdaIC Internet host (

For technical inquiries
If you have questions on the contents of the document, contact:

Audrey Hook
Ada Validation Organization
Institute for Defense Analyses
1801 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311-1772

Call the AdaIC for further information on the following Ada conferences, seminars, and workshops. Let us know if your organization is sponsoring an Ada event!

TRI-Ada '95*
November 5-10, 1995
Anaheim, California
POC: Danieli & O'Keefe Associates, Inc.
Chiswick Park
Sudbury, MA 01766
Tel: 800/833-7751
Fax: 508/443-4715

Tools Pacific 95
November 27-30, 1995
Melbourne, Australia
POC: Ms Sita Ramakrishnan
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
Monash University
P.O. Box 197
Caulfield East, VIC 3145

Software Engineering Workshop
November 29-30, 1995
Goddard Space Flight Cente
r Greenbelt, Maryland
POC: John Valet
Tel: 301/286-6347
Fax: 301/286-0245

ACM Computing Week
February 14-20, 1995
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
POC: Don Nowalk
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036-5701
Tel: 212/626-0512
Fax: 212/944-1318

Software Development West '96
March 26-28, 1996
San Francisco, California
POC: Tiffany Coleman
Miller Freeman, Inc.
Tel: 415/905-2285
Fax: 415/905-2222

4th International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems
(WPDRTS) at the 10th IEEE International Parallel Processing Information
Symposium (IPPS)
April 15-16, 1996
Honolulu, Hawaii
POC: Antonio L. Samuel
Naval Surface Warfare Center

CSEE ' 96 - 9th Conference on Software Engineering Education
April 21-24, 1996
Daytona Beach, Florida
POC: Charlene Rauber
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412/268-3007
Fax: 412/268-5758
e-mail: education@sei.cmu

Software Technology Conference
April 21-26, 1996
Salt Palace Convetion Center
Salt Lake City, Utah
POC: Dana Dovenbarger
Software Technolocy Support Center
7278 Fourth Street
Hill AFB, Utah 84056-5205
Tel: 801/777-7411
Fax: 801/777-8069

Object World Boston
May 7-9, 1996
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts
POC: Kim Martin
Object World Expositions
111 Speen Street
Framingham, MA 01701
Tel: 508/875-2746

*The AdaIC will have an exhibit. We sometimes have free passes to conference exhibit areas where the AdaIC will have an exhibit. Feel free to call and ask for available passes.

Report of a product, service, or event is for information purposes only and does not consitute endorsement by the Ada Information Clearinghouse.

AJPO Notes...

Ada users honor Donald Reifer
At the last AJPO Program Manager's Review meeting on September 20, in Falls Church, Virginia, members of the Ada community honored outgoing AJPO Chief Donald Reifer with a plaque in recognition of his service and commitment to the Ada language. The award was given on behalf of NCTAMS LANT (Naval Computer & Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic); NCTS (Naval Computer Telecommunications Station, San Diego; and the Information Systems Technology Center, Pearl Harbor.

Mike Shumate, Director, Software Technology Dept, NCTAMS LANT, who presented Mr. Reifer with the plaque, commented that "Mr. Reifer's commitment to excellence has shaped the environment in which hundreds of Ada Software Engineers within DoD perform daily." Mr. Shumate also added that Mr. Reifer is a pioneer who has been a "leader and a provider who made a difference."

 A comment on the language
Dear Mr. Reifer:

Thank you for sending me a copy of the recently published report by the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) entitled A Survey of Computer Programming Languages Currently Used in the Department of Defense."

I am pleased to see that more than 2/3 of the Source Lines of Code in weapons systems are in no more than three languages. This reduction of a proliferation of languages is a major improvement.

As the Department's budgets continue to be decreased, it is imperative that we reduce the cost of weapon system ownership. I wish you continued success in further reducing the proliferation of languages of future weapon systems.


Anita K. Jones
Director, Defense Research and Engineering

A personal note about the newsletter:

Dear Don:

I just got your AdaIC NEWS and read the whole thing. Really well done newsletter full of useful information. Thanks for keeping me posted on what you are doing.

I think the initiatives you have going on Ada are important and timely.

Great job.

Best regards.

Lawrence H. Putnam
President, Quantitative Software Management, Inc.

Ada Joint Program Office
Defense Information Systems Agency
701 South Courthouse Road
Arlington, VA 22204-2199
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