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Ada and Java

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0GCCS Ada 95 Client Demo
A client/server simulation demonstration of a hypothetical command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) application.


An Adage compiler targeted to a Java Virtual Machine. It generates the same kind of portable Java byte codes and .class files as the Java compiler from Sun. Please note this is a beta release, with unimplemented features, bugs, and limited documentation.

Education & Training

0Lovelace Ada Tutorial Version 5.3.
A section on writing Java programs in Ada 95 (includes two sample Ada applets).
0 Game of Othello, written in Ada 95
A version of Othello written in Ada 95 and java by Pascal Ledru.
0Experiences using Ada and Java in Computer Science Education
With the introduction of the AppletMagic(tm) compiler from Intermetrics, it is now possible to write Ada 95 programs which can run on the Java Virtual Machine and easily use the Java windowing toolkit. This paper talks about experiences in integrating these tools into two courses, a Data Structures (CS2) course, and a course on the Principles of Graphical User Interfaces.

Electronic Discussion Lists

0SIGAda's Web-Ada Mailing List
Subscribe to the mailing list of read the archives.

Internet Resources

0Ada for the Web
A SIGAda website dedicated to promoting the use of Ada 95 as a major language for programming Web and Internet applets and applications, servers and browsers. Contains "Twelve Reasons to Use Ada 95 for Java Applet Development".
0Ada and WWW/Java
The HBAP's overview on the status of Java, C++, and Ada 95 on the Internet.
Intermetrics has created an alternative to the Java language for writing applets: Ada 95. Combined with a translator from Ada 95 to Java "Bytecodes," Ada 95 will now be compatible with Java, Java-capable browsers, and most importantly the Internet .

0 Ada 95, Java, and C++
A chart comparing the main commonalities and differences among the three languages.
0Mapping Ada 95 to Java Byte Codes
A paper by Tucker Taft - Intermetrics, Inc., explaining an approach to mapping from Ada 95 features to Java byte codes, as well as mapping from certain Java features to Ada 95.
0Why Is It Called Java?
An article in Datamation referring to Intermetrics Ada-Java project.

0 AdaJava Binding
Created by Intermetrics for those developing software in a mixed Ada and Java environment.
0Decaf Home Page
A Java class Decompiler written with Ada 95. Version 1.0 provides similar output as the java program included in the Sun JDK distribution: class definition with methods and variables, including private parts and methods instructions.

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