Ada Helps Build Safe Systems
Ada is the language of choice for building reliable, safe, secure embedded systems. For instance, almost all of the software for the Boeing 777 is written in Ada. In this section, we collect a number of articles on this topic. For related articles on building high-security applications, see Enhance Security With Ada.
  • Current AdaIC articles
    This is the AdaIC archive site; for newer articles on safety, click the link above, then the "Safety" tag (found in the upper right corner of the page).
  • Ada Matters!
    Robert Dewar discusses how language choice matters when creating high-integrity software. He gives examples of how Ada prevents or detects errors that many other languages allow to occur with potentially disastrous consequences.
  • Safety and Security: Certification Issues and Technologies
    A Crosstalk article discussing language-related issues that occur meeting higher levels of safety and security standards when developing software. The article constrasts Ada with various other languages.
  • Use Ada For Better Safety, Security, And Reliability
    An Electronic Design article noting the advantages of Ada for high-integrity systems (and others where correctness matters). It gives some examples of how Ada helps in this area, and a number of examples of large, successful Ada systems.
  • Ada "Reloaded" a Winner for High-Integrity Real-Time Apps
    This article from the COTS Journal explains how Ada is still the technology to beat in high-integrity real-time applications. New features in Ada 2005 help strengthen Ada's position.
  • Software Code and COTS
    An article about how software development tools of many kinds are improving the development of high-integrity software.
  • Ada Enhances Embedded Systems Development
    A DDJ overview of Ada features for embedded systems development, explaining how they can improve the correctness and maintainability of a system without sacrificing runtime performance.