Choose Ada, The Most Trusted Name in Software
For companies throughout the world, Ada is the programming language of choice for all the right reasons. These companies know that Ada is their most effective language for building fast, reliable, and adaptable systems, on time.

When your software has to fly...Choose Ada.

Ada is the language of the International Space Station, Boeing jets, world-wide Air Traffic Control, and the French TGV high-speed train. Ada's unique combination of efficiency, real-time control, and built-in safety, make it the choice for high-flying, high-profile, high-performance systems that can't afford to fail.

When your deadlines are real...Choose Ada.

Ada helps companies throughout the world deliver systems that meet all their deadlines: coding deadlines, integration deadlines, delivery deadlines, and real-time processing deadlines. Ada's excellent support for separation of interface and implementation, coupled with very strong interface type checking, means that these companies find system integration and testing go extraordinarily smoothly and rapidly, and that their customers end up extremely satisfied with the delivered system.

When there is no room for error...Choose Ada.

Systems delivered using Ada have significantly lower error rates. This is because the Ada language supports all the most modern and effective software engineering techniques, while Ada compilers, right out of the box, provide more compile-time and run-time consistency checking than those for other programming languages. Ada compilers catch errors when they are least expensive to fix, before system integration time and deployment. This is why companies in all kinds of industries, including Financial Systems, Power Generation, Healthcare, Transportation, and Communications, trust Ada for their bet-the-business, software-intensive systems.

When reality is more important than hype...Choose Ada.

If all your programming team needs to do is build eye-candy for your new web-site, feel free to dabble with the latest toy language. But if your programming team wants the power and control needed to build high-performance, ultra-reliable, rapidly evolvable systems, choose Ada, the language designed for building systems that really matter.

Get your priorities right...Choose Ada.
The Most Trusted Name in Softwaretm

Ada has an active user community, newsgroup, web-sites (the AdaIC and Ada Power), and is taught at colleges and universities throughout the world; see the SIGAda Education Website.

Ada is supported by a strong vendor community, represented by the Ada Resource Association, including AdaCore, Aonix, SofCheck, DDC-I, Green Hills Software, OC Systems, and IBM Rational Software.

Ada compilers are available for a wide variety of hosts and targets, and there are Ada compilers that integrate directly with Java virtual machines (JVMs) and with ANSI/ISO C compilers, providing additional portability and interoperability options.

Choose Ada for your company's next important system, for all the right reasons.

* "The Most Trusted Name In Software" is a trademark of the Ada Resource Association