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Why Ada?
  • Overview
    Slide presentations and flyers on the benefits, technical considerations, and features of the Ada programming language.

  • Why Use Ada?
    Consider some of the reasons companies cite for switching to Ada: Some organizations are looking to improve the reliability of their software because system errors could have fatal consequences to life or the financial health of their business. So, they choose Ada for its unique and powerful safeguards. Other companies choose Ada for its ability to reduce software development and maintenance costs.

  • Choose Ada
    For companies throughout the world, Ada is the programming language of choice for all the right reasons. These companies know that Ada is their most effective language for building fast, reliable, and adaptable systems, on time.

  • Ada vs. C/C++
    Cost and feature comparisons between Ada and C/C++.

  • Ada Helps Build Safe Systems
    Many systems have critical safety requirements, such as those used in airplanes, medical systems, communications systems, and many more. Ada is a language of choice for programming such systems, because of its emphasis on correctness and the detection of errors. This section gathers a number of articles on the use of Ada in high-integrity, safety-critical systems. They're worth reading even if your applications are not potentially dangerous, since many systems have correctness and uptime requirements.

  • Enhance Security With Ada

  • History
    The history and development of Ada, including past DoD policy information.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Commonly asked questions and answers regarding the use of Ada.

Technical Articles on Ada


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