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Advanced Programming in Ada

University: Auburn University

Description: Advanced topics in programming using Ada as an example of a language oriented toward software engineering applications; emphasis is placed on features for data abstraction, information hiding and software component libraries. (Page still under construction as of 11/7/97.)

Software Engineering and Object-Oriented Development with Ada 95

University: Brandeis University

Description: The goal of this intermediate/advanced course is, with the use of Ada 95, to demonstrate the effective teaching of software engineering principles, object oriented techniques and programming with concurrency. The development of the course includes combining these three topics into homework assignments, tests, solutions for both, a group project and lecture materials.

The Software Engineering Apprentice: A New Laboratory Approach to Ada Instruction

University: California Polytechnic State University SLO

Description: A set of innovative laboratory programming exercises in Ada that can be used in a Fundamentals of Computer Science course sequence were developed. The exercises revolve around a series of sophisticated "case studies": complete software applications which we developed to exemplify good software engineering methods. In addition to functioning Ada source code, the case studies include other software development artifacts: specifications, test plans, and design documents.

The Integration of Ada 95 and Software Engineering into a Computer Science Curriculum Using Closed Laboratories

University: Clemson University

Description: This courseware consists of two sets of laboratory exercises. The first set uses Ada to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of object-oriented software development. The second set, intended for a high level computer course and written in C++, interfaces with the Ada material presented in introductory courses.

Ada95 Matrix Package

University: Drexel University Data Fusion Laboratory

Description: The matrix math package is designed to give a robust tool-set of vector and matrix math routines to the Ada 95 programmer. The groundwork for the package is based on an ISO draft document (ISO/IEC 13813:1996(E)) outlining Ada 95 real and complex array arithmetic. Child packages are built upon this ISO-compliant base to provide additional functionality.

Ada for Non-Computer Science Majors

University: Florida Institute of Technology

Description: This course material is designed to introduce students to the concepts of computers as tools to solve problems. It contains an overview, a project report, course syllabi, lecture notes, reference material, class and lab assignments, and a bibliography.

Software Engineering Transition Course in Ada

University: Florida Institute of Technology

Description: This course material is designed to allow students to transition from a traditional Computer Science program into a Software Engineering curriculum. It includes an overview, a project report, course syllabi, lecture notes, reference material, class and lab assignments, and a bibliography.

Programming in Ada 95

University: Florida International University

Description: This course introduces a fundamental knowledge of Ada 95, and covers non-traditional issues such as computer hardware components, problem solving techiques, programming language issues, software engineeering and testing. This course is strongly recommended for those who have not taken an introduction to computer class. This courseware is presented in the form of Power Point Presentations.

A Course in Real-Time Software Design Based on Ada 95

University: George Mason University

Description: The course starts with an overview of the Ada 95 syntax for tasks and protected units. The rest of the material shows how to design concurrent software. The emphasis is on practical, real-time applications. The examples go beyond commonly used textbook examples, and illustrate syntactical features and issues such as mutual exclusion and deadlock. While the course surveys other design approaches, the main theme is entity-life modeling (ELM). The objective is to provide material for a semester-long, graduate course in the design of concurrent real-time software, particularly in Ada 95. The material has also been used for concentrated courses of 3-5 days and 1-day tutorials.

An Ada-based Foundation Course for a Graduate Information-Systems Program

University: George Mason University

Description: This course is intended as a foundation course in programming for students entering a graduate Information-Systems program. It is primarily intended for students with little or no programming experience, particularly in a Pascal-style language. In this course, Ada replaces Pascal as a more modern and also more practically useful language. Apart from a general introduction of the Ada syntax, the course concentrates on the information-systems aspect of Ada and uses information-systems (data processing) applications as examples.

Ada95 versus C++ in Teaching Object - Oriented Software Engineering

University: University of North Dakota

Description: Ada95, C++ and Supplementary course materials developed at the University of North Dakota, under DISA grant DCA100-96-1-0008 titled "Ada95 versus C++ in Teaching Object - Oriented Software Engineering".

OO Programming and Software Engineering with Ada 95 and C++

University: Pennsylvania State University

Description: COMP 409, Advanced Ada with Object-Oriented Design, concentrates on advanced features of Ada such as tasking and designing generic units for software reuse. In addition, object oriented programming methods, as supported by Ada 95, will be used in the design and development of software systems. The ability of Ada 95 to interface with modules written in other languages will be exploited by incorporating modules written in C++ within these systems. Relative merits of Ada 95 and C++ will be considered.

Data Structures with Ada 95

University: Santa Clara University

Description: Course materials including syllabi, notes, formal specifications, projects and software components organized into two subdirectory structures, one entitled notes, the other called code, separating the programs from all other material.

Teaching Formal Methods Using Ada and Related Analysis & Synthesis Tools

University: The Research Foundation of SUNY Binghamton

Description: An introduction to Ada 83 and a number of features of Ada 95, including the extensions that support object-oriented programming. Selected formal methods and tools are introduced that support software development, including Anna, Hoare axioms and TSL.

Object-Oriented Software Engineering with Ada 95

University: Temple University

Description: This course teaches software engineering concepts using an object-oriented modeling framework. Areas covered include software metrics, software effort and cost estimation, object-oriented analysis and modeling. All assignments are given in Ada 95.

Ada Curriculum Development Workshop

University: University of Alabama

Description: Workshops focusing on the Ada programming language and incorporating Ada into the undergraduate computer science curriculum. Each workshop provides the opportunity for 20 individuals to: (1) learn basic Ada programming; (2) explore techniques for integrating Ada into the curriculum; and (3) examine existing Ada tools and resources.

Advanced Course Sequence in Ada

University: University of Maryland-University College

Description: Although these courses use Ada, each course focuses not on the language itself, but on a particular aspect of computer science. CMSC 300: Object-Oriented and Concurrent Programming in Ada begins with pointers, dynamic memory allocation, and generics to provide the foundation for the study of data abstraction, and concludes with specific data structures. The CMSC 330: Advanced Programming Languages is a natural extension of CMSC 300. The concept of data abstraction is extended to the broader notion of object-oriented design. Ada 95 incorporates the programming language concepts of inheritance and polymorphism, which make true object-oriented programming possible. In addition, the CMSC 330 includes concurrent programming.

Data Structures and Algorithms

University: University of Scranton

Description: Home of the first Ada 95 Data Structures Suite. The suite contains freeware, courseware, packages and more.

From Pascal to Ada 95: An Introduction by Examples

University: York College/CUNY

Description: Part of a two-course sequence in Ada and Software Engineering for Information Systems Management majors. More than forty simple exercises are included in this courseware as self-checking practices. A few of them can be used for possible programming projects for those interested. The Ada examples are fully tested using Gnat Ada 95 compiler, available without charge from the Free Software Foundation.

Software Development Using GNAT Ada 95

University: York College/CUNY

Description: Part of a two-course sequence in Ada and Software Engineering for Information Systems Management majors. This courseware allows the user to fully appreciate the unique power, richness, consistency, and flexibility of Ada 95.