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Ada '83 Quality and Style:

Guidelines for Professional Programmers

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CHAPTER 7: Portability

7.3 Storage Control

The management of dynamic storage can vary between Ada environments. In fact, some environments do not provide any deallocation. Ada's storage control mechanisms are too implementation dependent to be considered portable.
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7.3.1 Representation Clause
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7.3.1 Representation Clause



The meaning of the 'Storage_Size attribute is ambiguous; so, specifying a particular value will not improve portability. It may or may not include space allocated for parameters, data, etc. Save the use of this feature for designs that must depend on a particular vendor's implementation.


During a porting activity, it can be assumed that any occurrence of storage specification indicates an implementation dependency that must be redesigned.

Language Ref Manual references: 13.7.2 Representation Attributes

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