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Ada '83 Quality and Style:

Guidelines for Professional Programmers

Copyright 1989, 1991,1992 Software Productivity Consortium, Inc., Herndon, Virginia.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

1.5 To Contracting Agencies And Standards Organizations

The guidelines in this document are not intended to stand alone as a standard. It is not even clear in some cases that a guideline could be enforced since it is only intended to make the engineer aware of tradeoffs. In other cases, a choice still remains about a guideline, such as how many spaces to use for each level of indentation.

When a guideline is too general to show an example, the "instantiation" section of each guideline contains more specific guidelines. These can be considered for a standard and are more likely to be enforceable. Any organization that attempts to extract standards from this document needs to evaluate the complete context. Each guideline works best when related guideines are practiced. In isolation, a guideline may have little or no benefit.

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