Steelman On-Line

Steelman is the original requirements document for the Ada 83 computer programming language. Steelman was released June 1978. The previous versions of this document were named STRAWMAN, WOODENMAN, TINMAN, and IRONMAN.

You Can View Steelman in HTML format.

Steelman Table of Contents

  1. General Design Criteria
  2. General Syntax
  3. Types
  4. Expressions
  5. Constants, Variables, and Scopes
  6. Classical Control Structures
  7. Functions and Procedures
  8. Input-Output, Formating and Configuration Control
  9. Parallel Processing
  10. Exception Handling
  11. Representation and Other Translation Time Facilities
  12. Translation and Library Facilities.
  13. Support for the Language

You can also download Steelman in a variety of formats (you will probably need to hold down a shift key while selecting these files):

Advanced users can jump to any specific requirement by appending a "#" and the requirement number to the Steelman URL. For example, a link to steelman.htm#3-2C brings up requirement 3-2C (which requires a Boolean type). You can start at specific chapters in the same way, for example, a link to steelman.htm#9 shows chapter 9 (which discusses parallel processing). A text file listing all requirement numbers and short names is also available.

Feel free to copy Steelman On-Line, but if you use one of these electronic versions please give David A. Wheeler credit for doing the conversions to electronic media.

You are viewing version 1.1. This version adds an ASCII-only version of the document, and changes the background color to white to make it easier to read. Minor corrections have been made (e.g. an extra paragraph break in requirement 1E has been removed and extra quotes in some sections have been removed) and some hypertext links have been added. It also adds the hypertext link to the short list of requirements.

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Steelman was converted to HTML and other electronic media by David A. Wheeler.