YF22 Common Integrated Processor Avionics

U.S. Army Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

Greater than 1,000,000 Ada SLOC.

U.S. Air Force Integrated Control & Avionics for Air Superiority

A situation-awareness and flight-control computer designed to enhance the air-combat capability of the F-15

U.S. Navy Advanced Navy Submarine Communications Buffer

U.S. Marine Corps Command Management Information System

U.S. Army Wide Area Mine

WAM uses seismic and acoustic sensors to detect enemy tanks and then lobs a munition into the air where it conducts a localized search before attacking the tank from above

Reuters Financial Systems

Trader to trader communication and automatic matching of orders systems
250,000 Ada SLOC

Hewlett-Packardís Computer-aided design system

CAD system used to layout HP microprocessor chips.
640,000 Ada SLOC

Prompt Paymaster by Genesis Software

Prompt Paymaster scans documents for storage and allows queries through a voice recognition system.
250,000 Ada SLOC

Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors

The Ada system allows users to query a database of 7,500 stocks and to access different sets of stocks according to certain criteria.

CCPDS-R Command Center Processing and Display System Replacement

Command and control application being developed by TRW for the Air Force which will provide information during emergency conferences by the U.S. National Command Authorities and various nuclear capable Commanders in Chief.
1,000,000 Ada SLOC

Manufacturing Machines Simulator by Automobiles Citroen

The system tests industrial programmable controllers (IPC) by simulating the behaviour of the controlled system in response to the controller commands
124,600 Ada SLOC

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