Geophysical Operations Runtime System

Description: Seismic processing system that breaks long processing sequences into small parts. Each part is programmed with an Ada task, allowing for parallel execution. Ported successfully to Suns, VAX, Crays, & more. Due for completion late 1992.
Sponsor: Shell Oil Corp.

Aircraft Data Concentrator Unit

Description: Receives information from many aircraft sensors. The DCU sorts, prioritizes, formats and forwards information to cockpit displays. Ada tools comprise 27.5 KSLOC of total.
Sponsor: Rockwell International

Boeing 777

500,000 Ada SLOC in the 747-400 subsystems components, critical certification, and human safety features.
777 is 90% Ada

Beechcraft Starship Collins Avionics

375,000 Ada SLOC in Beechcraft Starship 1.
Central Maintenance Computer and Integrated Display System for the Boeing 747.
Electrical Flight Instrument System for the Boeing 737, 757, and 767.

M5000 developed by Motorola Cellular

A testing tool used internally to simulate all external interfaces to an Electronic Mobile Exchange (EMX) and to run regression test suites which simulate Land-to-Mobile, Mobile-to-Land, and Mobile-to-Mobile call events.
Regression test suites that previously took over two engineer years to conduct can now be run in less than 48 hours of test time.
200,000 Ada SLOC(approximate)

Martin Marietta AN/BSY-2 and AN/BQG-5 software for the Seawolf

Submarine Combat System including AN/BQG-5 passive sonar system.
5,000,000 Ada SLOC including reuse.

Nobel TechSystems AB FS-2000 System

Integrated surveillance, communications, and fire-control system for small warships and patrol craft.
More than 1,000,000 Ada SLOC.

U.S. Navy MK 41 Vertical Launch System Upgrade

Replacement of the low-level sequencing and interfaces with fire control computers.

U.S. Air Force B2 Stealth Bomber Air Crew Simulator

2,000,000 Ada SLOC.

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