Advanced Interdiction Weapons System (AIWS)

Description: Program is tasked with the development and evolvement of a family of interdiction weapons. Software code will be in Ada.
Sponsor: Naval Weapons Center

Advanced Message Processing System (AMPS)

Description:AMPS provides advanced message processing capabilities for the TACAMO aircraft. AMPS interfaces with a variety of equipment including: cryptos, Teletypes, modems, & patch panels. Differs from SMP in message formats and type of I/O.
Sponsor: Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC)

Circuit Card Assembly and Processing System

Description:Multi-phased, DoD-sponsored project with NWC as the program office. The program objective is the development of a robotics system for the assembly and processing of circuit cards. System software will be developed in Ada.
Sponsor: Naval Weapons Center

Digital Scene matching Area Correlator

Description:Image-recognition system for the Tomahawk missile. This project will provide new software and hardware under a product-improvement effort.
Sponsor: Naval Air Development Center (NADC)

EA-6B Aircraft Operational flight/Weapons Trainer

Description: Operational flight and weapons system trainer for the EA-6B aircraft
Sponsor: Naval Training Systems Center (NTSC)

Infrared Search and Track System

Description: A passive IR system within the F-14 aircraft designed for ID and track of airborne targets. Ada will comprise 90% of total code.
Sponsor: Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

Shipboard Automated Decoy Integration System

Description: SADIS is a decoy launch program which will be integrated with shipboard IFF systems as part of an automated decoy launch system.
Sponsor: Naval Surface Warfare Center

SQQ-89 Improvement Program

Description: Program will produce an overall upgrade to the entire ASW weapons system of the SQQ-89 Sonar. A complete rewrite of all software in Ada will be effected.
Sponsor: US Navy, PMS-411

Standard Missile II Block IV (AEGIS) Operational Flight Pr.

Description: Missile OFP Controls signal processing, guidance, autopilot, and telemetry functions during flight. Ada will be used as the Program Design Language (PDL).
Sponsor:Naval Surface Warfare Center

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