YF-22 Prototype Development

“Nothing can compare with its [Ada’s]
ability to integrate different efforts.”
- LTG Edmonds

Source: Guidelines for Successful Acquisition and Management
of Software Intensive Systems, Vol. I, USAF, Feb 1995

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From the Script: SLIDE 43 - YF-22 Prototype Development

Ada has been called "The Great Facilitator" because of how its capabilities can simplify large, complex developments. A good example of this is the YF-22 fighter-interceptor prototype development.

35 percent of the avionics cost of the aircraft was for software.

The software was developed by eight geographically separated subcontractors, using different Ada compilers and hardware platforms.

There were 12 major avionics subsystems with 650 Ada modules, composed of millions of lines-of-code. [Endoso, p. 6; Guidelines p. 5-15]

The software was brought together at least six times for major demonstrations. It took three days to integrate. As observed by General Edmonds, "Nothing can compare with its [Ada’s] ability to integrate different efforts." [Guidelines p. 5-15]