DoD Applications in Ada

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From the Script: SLIDE 42 - DOD Applications of Ada

These systems directly support the warfighter. [Ada at Work]

This is the army’s primary anti-tank missile. It is a laser guided air-to-ground missile, launched from a helicopter.

SIDPERS-3 is a standard management information system. Over 27,000 lines of this program was reused on a subsystem for JOPES, realizing a cost avoidance of $1.15 million in design and development costs. [SIDPERS-3]

The Standard Finance System Redesign was a project to redesign the U.S. Army’s accounting system.

The Tactical Combat Operation will be the focal point of the Marine Air Ground Task Force command and control network.

Communications through SARAH are supported by four projects that use Ada. The first checks that messages are safe and unchanged. The second, prepares messages in DOD formats and saves to disk for transmission. The third is a smaller version of the previous program, created for use on laptops. The fourth enables the user to edit, transmit, and receive messages at the same time.

The Operational Flight Program controls the navigaton and weapons delivery on the A-7.

This is an analysis tool for data collected by the Stealth Bomber.

The Fuel Management system for the V-22 aircraft will be developed using all Ada code, and two other V-22 suport programs are being developed in Ada.