Annexes (2)

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From the Script: Slide 26 - Annexes (2)

Distributed Systems - The core language introduces the idea of a partition whereby one coherent 'program' is distributed over a number of partitions each with its own environment task. This annex defines two forms of partitions and inter-partition communication, using statically and dynamically bound remote subprogram calls.

Information Systems - The core language extends fixed point types to include basic support for decimal types. This annex defines a number of packages providing detailed facilities for manipulating decimal values and conversion to external format using picture strings.

Numerics - This annex addresses the special needs of the numeric community. One significant change is the basis for model numbers. These are no longer described in the core language but in this annex. Moreover, model numbers in Ada 95 are essentially what were called “safe numbers” in Ada 83, and the old model numbers along with the term “safe numbers” have been abandoned. Having both safe and model numbers did not produce a benefit commensurate with the complexity and confusion thereby introduced. This annex also includes packages for manipulating complex numbers.

Safety and Security - This annex addresses language and requirements restrictions involving compilation systems for programs used in safety-critical and related applications, where program security is vital.