Hard Data Justifying Ada

Reliability Comparison
Application Ada C/C++ Norm
Command & Control 0.7 1 2
Information Systems 3 6 5
Telecommunications 1 1.3 3
Weapons Systems 0.3 0.8 1

Metric: Errors/KSLOC

Maintainability Comparison
Application Ada C/C++ Norm
Command & Control 4 3 3
Information Systems 1 0.5 0.2
Telecommunications 4 2 1
Weapons Systems 8 2 4

Metric: MTTE (weeks [repairs only])

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From the Script: SLIDE 13 - Hard Data Justifying Ada

To see how programming in Ada today can save you time and money in the future, take a closer look at Ada reliability and maintainability. These figures come from RCI.

The upper table shows the average number of errors found per thousand lines of code. The lower table shows the mean time to error. The lower table only takes into account “show-stoppers,” or errors that require repair in order to allow the system to function properly.

These tables depict a comparison between Ada and C/C++ for a variety of different types of applications: command & control systems; information systems; telecommunications systems; and weapons systems.

Across all areas, Ada shows fewer errors per thousand source lines of code than C. Systems designed with Ada can run from 30% to 400% longer than C without having an error that demands immediate attention.