Current State of Ada Use in DoD

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From the Script: SLIDE 11 - Current State of Ada Use in DOD

Here you see the results of a programming language survey conducted by IDA in 1994. The survey involved direct contact with the organizations in DOD responsible for developing or maintaining systems that contain software. Survey responses were deliberately mixed to prevent the association of program and system names, to ensure accurate responses.

Since the adoption of Ada in 1983 we have seen a significant decrease in the number of third-generation languages used in the DOD, from over 450 to 37. This means increased interoperability and, more importantly, decreased cost.

Other industries also recognized the advantages and moved toward standardization at the same time. [Hook, pp. ES-4, ES-5]

As the number of languages in use in the DOD has decreased and the trend for adopting standards has grown, Ada has become the first choice for weapons systems; C is the second most popular. [Hook, p. ES-3]

Ada is the second choice for Automated Information Systems, coming in just behind COBOL. [Hook, p. ES-4]