Why Ada?.(Technical Arguments)

In 1976, nothing else existed, so...

Ada Was Designed With Long-term Support for the Warfighter in Mind

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From the Script: SLIDE 5 - Why Ada? (Technical Arguments)

To properly understand the technical arguments for using Ada, we need to go back to 1976.

In that year, each department of the military services approved a set of computer language requirements that could provide long-term support to the warfighter.

In a painstaking process, it was determined that the language must be

developed with software engineering principles in mind,
able to handle large, complex projects,
standardized and validated, and
reliable and maintainable.

The experts determined that none of the languages available at the time supported all of these requirements. Several different languages were being used or modified for individual tasks, which led to the creation of the Ada programming language. Ada was adopted as a standard in 1983 and, as of 1995, it is still the only language that meets all of these requirements. [Sammet, p. 723]