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(In)Famous Quotes
(In)Famous Quotes
Why Ada?
IBM Weighted Scores for 6 Criterion Categories
SEI Weighted Scores for 6 Criteria Categories (MIS/C3)
Integration and FQT Defect Rates
Do Defects Really Matter?
Software Crisis
Current State of Ada Use in DoD
DoD Weapon Systems
Ada in Maintenance Arena
Hard Data Justifying Ada
Common Reasons for NOT Using Ada
Expected Benefits of Ada
Why Ada?
Why C++?
Why C++?
Why C++ for Industry?
Problems With Ada (83)
Results With Ada(83)
Basic OOP in Ada 95
Multiple Inheritance
Interfacing to Other Languages
Other, Miscellaneous Changes
Annexes (2)
Comparison of Ada and Other OOPLs
Data for Overall Development of the VADS Product Line
Software Development
When Not to Use Ada
YF-22 Prototype Development
Why Ada?
Quality Cost Less With Proper Use of Ada
Ada 95 and Java
Ada 95 to Java J-Code
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