• Jean Ichbiah - inventor of Ada

  • - “C was designed to be written; Ada was designed to be read”

  • Herbert Schildt - ANSI C++ Standards Committee

  • - “C gives the programmer what the programmer wants; few restrictions, few complaints . . . C++ maintains the original spirit of C, that the programmer not the language is in charge.”

  • P.G. Plauger - ANSI C Committee

  • - “Beyond 100,000 lines of code, you should probably be coding in Ada.”

  • Sextant - French aerospace contractor

  • - “Lack of experience in Ada causes poor code performance; lack of experience in C produces code errors.”

  • CelsiusTech - Swedish defense contractor

  • - “We no longer need worry about getting more efficient at producing software because that’s not where our cost is.”

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From the Script: SLIDE 71 - Expert Comments

These comments from four folks who are acknowledged experts in the software field lend evidence to the conclusion that Ada and C/C++ target very different philosophies, programming projects, and kinds of markets.

CelsiusTech's comment is motivated by their dual use of both Ada and domain specific reuse (product lines) to shift their emphasis away from programming. Do not mistake this comment for one that maintains that the language is unimportant. They continue to insist that they couldn't have achieved their results in any other language - Ada was essential to their success.