• Redesigned and recoded in Ada 83

  • - 213,000 SLOC

  • FORTRAN to C conversion required 54 MM

  • - “Final C implementation required a significant amount of clean-up”

  • Reengineering of IMOM required 72 MM
  • Reengineering of three other IMOM-based models required a total of 20 MM

  • - Significant amount of reuse in Ada among IMOM models
    - 65% of the code modules were reused in one or more models

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From the Script: SLIDE 53 - IMOM Ada Redesign

The FORTRAN to C conversion took 54 man-months, and still required a significant amount of clean up before implementation.

The Air Force redesigned and recoded the system in Ada 83, reducing the SLOC from the original 333,000 down to 213,000, a savings of 36% SLOC. This effort took 72 man-months of effort.

However, three subsequent reengineering projects of other IMOM-based models only required a total of 20 man-months of effort. This was possible due to the significant amount of reuse (65%) made possible through the use of Ada.