• High maintenance costs

  • - Maintaining two systems in different languages
    - Original software design deteriorated significantly

  • Air Force sponsored study by INEL; the study recommended:

  • - Reengineer and redesign the system
              Translated C harder to maintain than FORTRAN original
              Code produced by translator not optimized
    - Use object-oriented techniques
              Modularity, data abstraction, and process abstraction
    - Use the Ada programming language
              Ada implementation more efficient, compact (data types and structures)
              Ada support environment provides needed tools (e.g., debugger)
              Package abstraction improves program maintainability

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From the Script: SLIDE 52 - IMOM Maintenance

The Air Force determined that maintaining two systems in different languages was too costly.

As a result, they sponsored a study by INEL:

The study recommended that they reengineer and redesign the system since the code produced by the C translator was not optimized and the translated C code was actually harder to maintain than the original FORTRAN.

The study also recommended they use the Ada programming language, taking advantage of object-oriented techniques such as modularity, data abstraction, and process abstraction.