• Air Force Improved Many-On-Many (IMOM) reengineering and Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) studies

  • - “Electronic Combat Model Reengineering”, Ada Information Clearinghouse, March 1995
    - “Improved Many-On-Many (IMOM) Model Research Study”, United States Air Force Electronic Warfare Center, May 1991
    - POC Kurt Welker

  • Developed in 1984 in FORTRAN for proprietary hardware

  • - 333,400 lines of code

  • Translated to C in 1988 for users without proprietary hardware

  • - Used automated translation tool to convert FORTRAN to C
    - C required significant manual clean-up
    - Maintained original software design and architecture

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From the Script: SLIDE 51 - IMOM Reengineering

Most of the material on these 5 slides are derived from the Monograph, "Electronic Combat Model Reengineering" written by Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) and derived from original metrics collection work by K. Welker on his Masters Thesis based on the Electronic Combat Systems Integration project. Also, K. Welker, M Synder and J. Goetch presented a paper on the same topic at OOPSLA '93. Copies of the monograph are available from the AdaIC in hardcopy or on-line at

Working with over 300,000 lines of code developed in FORTRAN in 1984 for proprietary hardware, the Air Force translated IMOM into C in 1988 for users without the proprietary hardware.

They used an automated translation tool to accomplish the conversion, only to find that the C code required a significant manual "clean up" effort in order to be usable.

Following the conversion effort, the Air Force maintained both the original FORTRAN and the C versions of the system.