• Perceived Failures
  • Real-time course at the State University of New York (SUNY), Plattsburgh NY
  • Air Force Improved Many-On-Many (IMOM) reengineering and Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) studies
  • CelsiusTech, Swedish defense contractor (corvette class)
  • Rational Software Corporation experience with Verdix Ada Development Systems (VADS)

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From the Script: SLIDE 43- Projects

These are the projects we will review.

While there are many projects that have used Ada, each of these has had specific experiences and conclusions in comparing Ada versus other programming languages.

We will look at these actual experiences to see how they compare to the findings and conclusions reported in our language studies section.

But first, let's dispel one of the more prevalent Ada myths: that Ada has been the cause of some major project failures. A myth that is far from the truth.