Note: design, code, unit test, and integration & test values are percent of total effort

*Baselines 1 through J2.2, 1984-1985

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From the Script: SLIDE 35 - CSC Experience

In the CSC study, the percentage of time spent in integration and testing was about the same on very large Ada projects as it was on quite small C projects. This illustrates Ada's ability to mitigate the diseconomies of scale mentioned earlier. On Ada projects from <100K to almost 1MSLOC, the integration testing time was a constant at ~20%. The only exception to this was the IPS project. This project, in conversations with the author of these slides, Mike Masters, has suggested that they spent too little time on analysis and design (only 16%). As a result, they spent 37% in Integration and Test recovering from errors that could have been eliminated by more attention up front.

The ENWGS project spent 40% in code because the project did a translation of their software from an existing design in another language.

Note that the two Ada projects which required the largest Code and Integration and Test time are those that devoted a very small amount of time to design. Thus, with a poorly thoughtout design, much of Ada's competitive cost advantage may be lost.