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From the Script: SLIDE 27 - NASA Ada Reuse

The enhanced capacity of Ada to support reuse is demonstrated by this study by the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. It shows a significant increase over a four year period in the reuse of software when a concerted effort is made to stress reuse in an Ada programming environment.

The chart shows both overall reuse, including code which required some modification, and verbatim reuse, that is code reused unchanged from a previous project. As would be expected, the level of reuse varied from project to project, but the overall trend toward increased reuse is clear.

The information on this slide derives from an early 1991 NASA Goddard study. Supplemental data from NASA indicates that the trend has continued and that Ada has been a major contributor.

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More detailed information can be found in the following paper:

The Impact of Ada and Object-Oriented Design in NASA Goddard's Flight Dynamics Division, by Sharon Waligora, John Bailey and Mike Stark; published in the 1996 Washington Ada Symposium Proceedings on p65,
and also published in March 1995 as SEL-95-001.